Reality Check

Reality CheckIs prosperity generation on your mind all the time?
Maybe you want to find the “thing” or deal that will bring you retirement NOW. Or maybe you’re just downright sick of having barely enough cash flow and find yourself saying you’ll do or buy something once you get more money.

When is the deal, business, or lotto winnings going to come through?


Don’t like what you see in your bill pile, checking account, or personal life? Then why would you keep looking at it?

Ohhh, you want to be responsible. Oh, and you can’t help it because it’s what is true. Yes, and being in denial about all of it would be nuts.

Stop reading this if you want to stay attached to what is real for you. ;-)

This is not for the faint of heart. DO NOT TRY THIS IF IT WILL CAUSE YOU GREAT STRESS. This game is to make you feel at ease, joyful, and to bring you opportunities and riches unlike what you have experienced up to this point in your life.

My BFF’s favorite quote is, “Never face reality unless you like what you see!” That’s right. Ignore what doesn’t please you about your financial  position, and focus on what you want.

If you do this, you’ll literally see more opportunities for cash flow and be able to act on them no matter what your reality has been up to this point.

Here’s why…

When you focus on lack of cash, lack of the perfect deal, and debt, that is where your eyes are. It puts stress and doubt in your heart and mind. You’ll feel yourself going into a negative tail spin. From this place there is no solution.


If you make a conscious decision to focus on the solution, you HAVE to take your eyes off the problem. This is where things start opening up for you. Hope occurs. Then inspiration to new ideas, actions, and places to look for opportunities becomes visible.

If you start going for your goals and dreams, even though reality says they’re not possible now, your solutions WILL be provided.

Give positive thought and emotion to that which you desire, and you will draw it to you. Focus your attention and negative emotions on what you don’t want, and you will draw that to you.

Back in 2002, I kept saying that I was going to buy a new BMW. But I was waiting for the money.

Finally I asked myself, “Why am I waiting for this car when I want  it now?” So, I went to the BMW dealership.

The very first car I test drove was it. I had no idea how much the M3 cost back then, and it never even entered my mind I’d need a down payment. But the exciting energy was flowing and I knew this car was to be mine.

Was there money in my bank for this purchase? Hell no! But I  knew it would work out… somehow.

The next day I called my friend in the car business. He set me up with the fleet manager at BMW. I got a fair deal with no negotiating or stress.

I decided to put an $8,000 down payment on my credit card (I pay this bill monthly because it’s a mileage card with a 19% interest  rate). In the back of my mind, I knew I HAD to pay this $8,000 the following month.

I decided that an investment deal I was focusing on would blossom by then... even though I had zero proof. Guess what? It did! I paid the credit card off in full the next month!

The bottom line…

Take action on deals and dreams, no matter your current reality.  You’ll find a way to make the impossible possible from a place of inspiration rather than efforting.

You NEVER have to go through with an opportunity unless all the pieces feel right. When you hit a dead end, turn around and look in another direction. The solution will be there OR a better deal/opportunity will present itself.

What dream is calling you the most right now?  What one step can you take towards it?



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