Raise Your Setpoint

The following process was channeled by Terah, through Nina Ferrell, and will give you a new way of pivoting your focus. With permission from The Law of Attraction Club I’m reprinting it. Raise Your SetpointThe only way to manifest a higher level of success is to pay attention to your emotional focus. Business owners and employees would benefit hugely by using the process below. Team meetings would be focused on what is working well and how to make it even better. Relationships could thrive. Profits would go up, up, up. It’s worth your time to use this process over and over again. Do not under estimate the power of this. Enjoy the freedom it gives you! "We have a simple process for you to help you in raising your set point. Whenever you feel a negative twinge about anything –
  1. Recognize that your inner guidance is telling you something. Really recognize it – acknowledge it.
  2. Now step completely into that pool of doubt or fear. Let it grow. Loosen the reins on it. It will reach a plateau. Welcome it, appreciate it – because it is your guidance.
  3. Now switch to your knowing that you create everything. Feel your power as creator – you create even this. Step into remembering that you have power over everything.
  4. Now release the fear, like dropping a ball. You are back in the driver’s seat.
  5. Acknowledge yourself, congratulate yourself, appreciate yourself. You are your own best friend.
We want you to really get it … that these seemingly small steps have tremendous power. You can change anything.”
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Jeanna Gabellini
Breathe into it and let it be...fastest way. ;-) It works with health issues that pop up, too. In abundance, Jeanna
Col @ life by muse
This is awesome, y'know why? Because I've been playing around with what I do when unwanted feelings come up ... sometimes attempting to change them ... other times accepting them (my new thing ;) ... other times looking at them as "Your higher self disagrees with something you are thinking and that is why you're feeling ikkies." I noticed that the attempt to change them really makes 'e, dig in their heels. If someone was feeling depressed, one of my ex's used to say, "Fight it!" Silly ex! I like this method a whole lot better. Plus the fact that it actually WORKS. (Bonus! ;)