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I know better than most about hanging on to “stuff” for too long. In the past I’ve found it challenging to:

  • Delete pictures from my computer, even when there are several that look similar
  • Get rid of anything my grandmother gave me
  • Let go of being right about what is right and ethical
  • Stop mulling over past hurts from relationships
  • Not worry about being late
  • Not feel guilty for not doing enough for the ones I love
  • Throw away files (because I might need them one day)

… and so much more.

In recent years, my toleration level for hangin’ on to stuff that was weighing me down reached its limit. My attachment to things I thought were so important became a barrier to extreme happiness.

I want to be clear; I wasn’t walking around with a long face 24/7, but I was feeling the strain on and off throughout each week.

If you feel pressure, you can’t be happy and in the flow. That means you can’t attract clients and other cool stuff.

It was painful at times, but I began to let go of any thought that whacked me out. If I began speeding in my car because I thought I might be late getting somewhere, I simply intended for it to work out perfectly.

If an email got sent out with errors, I just decided it wasn’t worth fretting over afterward. The hundreds of Art of Practice audio cassette tapes that had moved with me to five houses got donated to the library.

I decided that anything my mate, family member, staff member, or friend did that was not cool with me would be released. I would do my grumbling about it and then get over it.

I know I’d heard a million times, “Do you want to be right, or would you rather be happy?” I decided it would be the way I lived. Sometimes I find myself hangin’ on, and I relax. I know that I’ll let go shortly.

Earlier today I was being a miserable person. I had no idea why, but everything was grating on my nerves. At some point, I decided I could let that mood slide away like rain on a windshield. It was a decision away. Within a minute, everything had changed.

I was light and joyful the moment I decided that nothing was more important than dropping the resistance.

What experiences in your business do you need to let go of…

A business partner or team member who screwed you over?

A product, program, or service launch that flopped?

An investment that didn’t give you a return?

The potential client that didn’t hire you or the client who didn’t pay?

Whatever has been has no bearing on your future unless you let it.

So let that shizz go so you can get on with the show!

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"Let go of being right about what is right and ethical" I remember a lot of people who are like these, they force their belief onto you and get angry when you don't follow them. Thank you for your guidance about this! A lot of people needs to be educated about this.
I'm finding that this year of being forced to let go of things situations in people that we thought we could not do without has opened the door to being able to release more, because the world did not fall completely apart as we thought it might. Looking back, 2020 might be a year of painful shedding that led to our metamorphis. As always, your wise words landed fully Jeanna. Thank you.