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You’re either going to think this is cool or weird. 

There is infinite wisdom and truth found by talking to your higher self… or someone else’s. It’s pretty amazing and fairly easy to do. You start with the intention of being able to connect to your higher self, then begin.

What exactly is your higher self?

It’s the part of yourself or someone else that is the truth. It’s the part of you that has no ego, lies, fears, perceptions, filters, or negativity. This is the part that is simply truth, the bare-bones truth with neutral energy about whatever you’re focused on.

For example, when I first started dating my mate, I had many conversations with him one summer. The interesting part was that he was in many different countries and I wasn’t with him nor was I talking to him by phone, email, or any other device. 

I simply sat down, took several deep breaths, and we had short and powerful conversations. Was I making up his answers? I questioned that. 

But I felt very solid about the answers. When I did actually talk to him by phone, he confirmed that I was right on the money (I did not tell him about our higher selves having a conversation). It was very affirming… YES! I can trust my inner voice.

So, how else could you benefit from this concept?

When making business decisions, you can tune into your own higher self. Ask specific questions and receive inner guidance. This process is very similar to following your intuition but more conscious and deliberate.

You can use it with your body. Hey, body, what do you need in order to be in perfect health? 

You can use it with potential clients. What do you need from me in order to say yes to doing business with me? 

How about with someone you’re disgruntled with? What is it that they need? 

Many times when I’ve asked what my mate needed when I was frustrated with him, the answer is usually love. I look at him. (He doesn’t look lovable at those moments.) I get over my own stubbornness and touch his leg or shoulder. He softens. Ahhh… it was the right move.

The only real trick to this is to trust your answers. When speaking to someone’s higher self, all dialogue will be neutral or loving. If it’s negative, then you’re not connected to your inner guidance. Sometimes you may not get an answer if your question is a setup for a negative response or you are very attached to an outcome. Try asking a different way.

Instead of asking, “How come I never make enough money?” try asking, “What’s the easiest thing I can focus on today to align with more than enough money?”

Chatting it up with your higher self, or someone else’s, is a shortcut to peace and bliss. Try it; you may love it. 

I find it easiest to write down your question as a journaling prompt and then just write whatever comes up. If you keep up the practice, you’ll soon be able to get answers in your head.

I wouldn’t talk aloud when doing this, unless people already know you’re weird. 😉

What’s your higher self telling you?

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