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You’ve got two choices in your business… be a pro or be an amateur.

Professionals (pros) are people who take their hobby, sport, or passion seriously. They’ve decided they’re no longer satisfied with being an amateur. They want the challenge and fulfillment of fully living into their potential.

And when it comes to generating a FAT profit, you can’t really get there by thinking like an amateur. If your business is treated like a hobby, it’ll be reflected in your bank account and your level of fulfillment.

If you want to increase your joy, confidence, and money-making abilities… go pro. Be a professional in your industry.

So what does a pro think like?

You most definitely want to be very good at what you do. Unlike sports, business is not a competition, so you’re not trying to kill yourself winning. Being a pro is about being the best you can be, doing what you love as you enthusiastically pursue your wildest goals.

You can’t go pro if you don’t dig what you do. Can you imagine trying to be a pro downhill skier if your passion is really soccer? No! You’re investing energy, time, and money to create your business… how can you stay committed through the finish line if you’re doing something you don’t love? You can’t… so you have to really love what you’ve gotten yourself into.


  • Can’t wait to begin their work each day. Play and work have blurred lines.
  • Get training they need, because they love expanding their skills. They like knowing what will enhance their experience or make them have an edge up on what everyone else is doing.
  • Hire the help they need because they know they can’t do it alone. Think about NASCAR racers. While we celebrate the driver who wins… they couldn’t win without their mechanics, car, coaching, and sponsors. Every athlete has a coach or trainer. Everyone who has ever made it big had help.
  • • Study their performance to learn what they can do better. They get feedback from objective sources so they can improve their game.
  • • Don’t dabble at their passion. They’re either all in or not. Being a pro is a commitment. It requires the beingness of someone who knows their power and wants to feel more of that connection through their craft or gift.


  • Don’t expect much to happen, so they hide and procrastinate
  • Don’t create plans, structures, systems, or practices to win. How can you follow through with glory when you don’t plan to win?
  • Try random strategies without thinking about the impact on their endgame.
  • Are committed to their limited stories
  • Are easily distracted, and it has NOTHING to do with ADD; they create pain for themselves

Professionals can find themselves in these same habits, but they recover more quickly because their passion and desire to live fully calls them forth.

Every day you have a choice… pro or amateur?

Seriously, think about that choice. It’s okay if you don’t feel gung-ho about going pro right this moment. Maybe you need a confidence boost before you believe that you have what it takes to go pro (you do!).

Have a little chat with your Inner Business Expert and see what their input is on this choice. Then make a decision… pro or amateur? Whichever you choose, do it consciously rather than by default. Either way you’ll be more empowered.

Going pro is an attitude, not about massive productivity. Pros work smart, not hard. When you’re ready, put on the CEO/pro hat. Everything becomes much easier, and the results are ginormous.

“Going pro is FUN when I choose goals that get me fired up
and work smart.
I’ve got everything I need to run through the finish line.”


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