Have you ever scurried around looking for your sunglasses only to find them on your head?

Why didn’t you know they were there?

Most likely you were rushing, not really taking your time to think the problem through.

Believe it or not, it’s like that with money.

You scurry around, trying to hustle up some dough, only to come up empty handed. Maybe you’re always on the hunt to find the golden marketing technique that will land you a waitlist of clients.

Being wealthy is not about getting lucky. It’s planned.

Maybe you’ve seen people whose businesses took off, yet they weren’t necessarily in a Rockefeller mindset. How’d they do it?

They truly believed they had something of value. And they asked themselves how they could get it in the hands of their ideal clients and customers.

What do you believe about your product and services? Should people be falling all over themselves to buy them? Do you believe that you should be rolling in the dough?

Money is everywhere. Any product or service can be your catalyst to wealth if you stop thinking you need someone to give you a break. You can increase your capacity to receive more income by changing your relationship with money. See it as something readily available to you, in any amount you want.

Sara Blakely transformed her idea of pantyhose with no feet into a household name (Spanx) for females who want to look trim in their little black dress or jeans. She did $1 million in sales her first year as a freaking solopreneur… and recently sold the business for 1.2 billion dollars!

How’d she pull that off?

She went for it like it was a matter of fact that her product should be a best seller.

She laid out a simple and creative plan and took the steps to implement. She thought it through.

Several years ago my bestie posted a short video of a cooler (to keep food and beverages cold) on my Facebook page. The video led me to Kickstarter.com, a place where entrepreneurs seek funding for their projects. I immediately invested so I could get my very own Coolest Cooler.

Their goal was to raise $50,000. They inspired 62,642 people to give them $13,285,226. The most successful Kickstarter project ever!

How’d that happen?

It has a lot to do with the creator’s mindset. He said, “I invent lots of things, but honestly very few have brought so much fun to my life.”

Before it was even close to funded, he had nailed down the CAD design, manufacturers, and had showcased professional videos to show off his cooler.

He played it like he meant it. And he did it!

Are you planning for profits right now? Please don’t struggle through years of scraping by or wait for a “break.” Adopt an “I CAN DO THIS”’ attitude along with a strategic plan, and your business could be doubling its profits in less than year too.

You’ve got this.

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