Partnerships That Double Your Sales and Fun

“Build it and they will come.” Partnerships That Double Your Fun

What a crock! Total lie.

I built a lot of things in my business that didn’t result in customers running to buy, readers commenting on my blog, or even fans “liking” my Facebook page.

Everything is easier when you get help from other people.

How does a business owner get help in spreading the word about their message, especially if they’re new to the party?
The first time I asked someone to support my cause, I felt a bit awkward. But as I turned my attention to creating a relationship vs. just getting them to help me, everything changed. People bent over backward to support my mission.

When I launch a program, why would over 100 other entrepreneurs promote the heck out of me and offer huge bonuses to those who become my clients?

1. I offer something their tribe would benefit from learning.

2. Their tribe will appreciate them for sharing free tools and resources.

3. I offer commission to those who refer a sale.

4. I make the process fun by playing games and deepening our relationship.

5. I give back support to them by doing one or several of these:

a. introduce them to others who can promote them
b. promote them
c. share what’s worked for my promotions
d. give bonuses they can give to those who purchase their products and services
e. be a guest speaker as an added value to their program or product
Not all joint venture partnerships are based on promoting each other. I recently met a woman at an event, and within 60 seconds I knew we needed to partner somehow. I felt her knowledge would be of great value in one of my paid programs.

I asked her if she’d be a guest expert. She said, “YES!” Win-win-win!

It’s a win for me because I add value to my program, and clients think I’m a rock star. She gets exposure to my best clients who may later become her clients or refer her to clients.

My clients get to benefit from her expertise and make changes in their businesses as a result.

Partnering with other people leverages your time, expands your visibility, increases your sales, and makes a positive impact on all those involved.

Try it; you’ll like it!

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