I love a good game of “Truth or Dare.” It’s scary and yet thrilling.

Daring my clients to do something they want—but are scared to do—is a common practice.

Because sometimes all you need is someone to nudge you to step up to the plate… and you will.

But you gotta keep the nudges going.

Start with a simple question, “What do I really want? If I had a magic wand, what would I ask for?”

On a scale of 1–10, I probably live at an 8 when it comes to living full out.

I don’t always do what I really want. I don’t always say what I really want to say. Some goals I take action on and others I leave dangling for someday.

Most of what prevents me from living full out is a powerful thought: “I don’t know how” or “Someone may get upset.”

But then I notice. And I make a different choice.

Sometimes I live at a 20.

It’s easy to give a lot of attention to what you don’t want.

If you can’t figure out how to make a goal happen in a short time, many people get frustrated and irritated with that goal. And back off.

The goal gets put on the back burner until you get mad enough to do something about it or some fabulous person gives you a little nudge.

Consider this your lil’ nudge.

Do you live full out?
Are you totally authentic?
Do you tell people how much you love them?
Do you ask for what you want, or are you more concerned about being appropriate?
Do you ask yourself on a daily basis what you want to create and feel today?
Do you habitually take action toward a thriving business and life?

My 42-year old brother died in 2013 while on his daily bike ride. I wanted to die when the doctor told me my soul mate was dead. Really. That’s how I felt.

I made a choice a couple of weeks after that to have the best life ever. I stopped waiting.

I realized nothing was permanent and there are no limits so I might as well go for 10x the joy, fun, love, and success.

If this was the last six months of your life and you were in perfect health, what would you do? What if money wasn’t an excuse?
What grudges would you let go of?
What conversations would you have?
What places would you visit?
What has been begging to be born in your business?

If I waited until I wasn’t scared or until I was ready to take action, I wouldn’t have experienced the most precious and thrilling things in my life.

Say yes to giving, requesting, loving, receiving, signing up, booking the trip, making the purchase, doing the seminar, relaxing on the couch, lying in bed with your partner all day, taking a spa day, flying in a helicopter, trekking on a glacier, getting married, letting go of the relationship, dancing on a table… living a life with no regrets.

Say no to holding back, playing it safe, letting fear give you cold feet, feeling guilt or shame (the lowest vibrating emotions of them all), making “not enough money, time, or resources” be your excuse, giving attention to what “sucks” or what you don’t want, forcing yourself to do things you can’t stand, telling yourself that you are not good enough, criticizing, being lackful, responding to folks when you are highly reactive, and anything that doesn’t give you joy.

It’s simple to live full out. It’s a choice in every moment… all day long.

Make a choice to live that way, and remind yourself constantly that this was your choice. I dare you. I dared myself and I feel more alive than ever.

How good do you want it?

Nudge, nudge.

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