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Money TalksConversations about money abound. We usually talk aloud about money when we’ve just had an unexpected expense, a dry spell with income, or some other painful experience. It’s quite acceptable in American culture to complain and fret to each other about our finances. In fact, others will quickly join in with you for a pity party.

We also like to whisper about the loads of money Joe Blow from Windy City has in his possession. People talk about others who make a lot of money like it’s a dirty thing rather than something to celebrate. A friend of mine left a message that he’s consistently bringing in $7,000 a day in an industry where most people would think that was impossible.

I truly get inspired when I hear of others’ success. Why? It gets me excited to know that if other people can get in alignment with consistently growing their income, joyfully, then I can too.

It’s important to be aware of our conversations with others about money.Remember, you amplify any thought when you give it your attention. As Mike Dooley likes to say, “Thoughts become things.” The more attention you give to something, the faster and bigger you bring it into your reality. Complain about not having enough money and it’s a surefire way to attract more experiences around lack of money.

Most people forget that the Universe doesn’t know what’s real or not. It simply reads how you’re feeling and then gives you more of that experience.  Appreciate the money you have and others’ success with it, and guess what you’ll get more of? That’s right! Love money, and money will love you! Have fun with it, and it’ll bring more joy into your life.

The conversations in your head about money are just as important as the ones you say aloud. Some of them happen without you even knowing. They come as an overall feeling of worry, lack, or having to be in abundant action with money. They happen so often that you don’t even notice anymore.
I boosted my money mojo when I first released my now best-selling product using a game I created with my bestie, Eva Gregory, the What If Up Game:

What if . . .
  • Speed Dial the Universe journal sold out in the first month?

  • Mind Games did the same?

  • Every major bookstore in the world carried these products?

  • Both products were translated into every major language?

  • The next two visualization CDs I create came bundled with Mind Games?

  • The people who bought these products loved them so much that they ended up buying other products and referring me to others?

  • These customers filled all of my classes to create waitlists?

The point here is to begin deliberately directing all conversations about money toward an outcome that empowers you. Stop wondering if you’re going to be able to afford something. Decide that you will have more than enough. Stop looking at your current reality to make your future. Decide that your financial future gets better each month.

All prosperity begins in your head. Action is last. Action must come from the knowing that you are on your way up the financial ladder. Enjoy the climb.
What new conversation about your prosperity will you have today?


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