We all have stories we tell about money. If not aloud, then in our head. Most of the time they’re in the background of our thoughts and we don’t pay them much attention.

I am not talking stories like, “Hey Bob, did you hear about the time I tripled my income?”

I’m talking about the stories you make up about the events that happened in the past or you assume will happen in your future. Many of the sad stories (okay, most of the stories!) are not even true stories.

Maybe you purchased a home and had tenants move in so you could gain some cashflow. Then either the real estate market went south for a moment or the tenants trashed your home. Now would be the time most people would make up a story about this investment. They may make a choice to never buy rental property again based on this one experience. Is this wise? Maybe. Let’s take a deeper look.

When people have a negative experience related to money, they tend to start generalizing their opinions about the circumstances of the events. Back to the example of real estate. Someone may make up a story that owning rental property is a pain in the butt (I’ve heard this one a lot!). Is it true? It doesn’t have to be. You can create situations to be completely profitable and effortless with rental property.

I rented homes as a tenant for years and always treated the home as if it were my own. I liked it to look beautiful, clean, and fabulously landscaped. As a renter, I always paid the rent on time. Why not attract a renter like me? Your 5-Star Renter!

You get to decide what you choose to have in your experience. If you notice something going astray in any investment or money dealings… change course! Do not decide to be a victim to the circumstances. There is always a solution for you to get what you want, but you have to be willing to get both your mind and actions to head 100% in the direction of what you want. You do not have to create chaos to get there.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Momentum? Isaac Newton talks about it in a more scientific way, but here’s my summary…

When you get something in motion, it will start going faster and gaining in mass. Think of an avalanche of snow. A skier can ski through snow that hasn’t been touched on a mountain. He hits a patch that’s not stable and a small crack is created. Within seconds the side of the mountain can slide downward. It picks up speed and more snow as it slides.

The Law of Momentum works the same way in your life. In regards to your stories and perceptions about money, they grow as you give them more attention. If I’ve made up a story that no matter what I do I always have a ton of dough, you can bet that I will. The more actions I take to create new business or strategize with the money I already have, the more money mass I create. It is law.

Many people think that they can’t have one goal until they reach another goal first. Most people make their decisions about which goals they obtain first based on their current income.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t make a plan with your money and goals? Heck no. BUT do not let money dictate the whole situation. If you do, you may be putting off some great experiences and the rise in your income. If I decide that I want to buy a new house, go to Italy, and refurnish my house, I can let it motivate me to create a plan to have all three in a very short time span.

How? I get very certain that I will have them all. Then I start asking myself if there are any actions to take to forward the momentum. I let the question initiate creativity. All the answers may not come at once. But if I let any negative stories occupy my brain, it will take me longer. If I start believing any of my stories, it may put a halt to the plan altogether.

Do you want your wealth to get bigger or your misconceptions about you and money?

If you are thinking any of the following, you’re gaining momentum in the opposite direction of wealth.


I’ll never pay off my debt.
Debt is bad.
You have to start at the bottom or pay your dues.
I don’t know how to make more money.
We’re always strapped for money.
I can’t afford it.
I have bad credit, so I’m stuck.
I don’t make enough money to go after my goal.
I am not good at marketing.
The stock market, real estate, and/or business investing is risky.
I have to watch what I spend.
I need to be careful.
I wasn’t meant to have a lot of money.
I don’t care about having a lot of money!

You can change your story. When you do, you’ll start taking different actions. Momentum will build in that direction and you’ll see instant evidence of more money flowing your way.

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