It’s not always easy to mind your own business.

You mind the business of taking care of your home, car, family, and job.

If you own your own business, then you have to mind that, too! Geez! That’s a lot of stuff to mind.

Why, then, are so many of you sticking your nose in other people’s business?

Aren’t you busy enough getting yourself lined up with all the things you desire in your own life?

Even if you don’t say some of your thoughts out loud, you may find yourself worrying what your mate, friends, and family are thinking and doing.

You may even feel justified in doing all this worrying and judging. You think it’s the “responsible” thing to do. You say you do it because you care or because what other people are thinking, saying, and doing impacts you.

Is that really true?

The only person you have control over is you.

Repeat after me: The only person I can control is me.

It’s true. You may be able to influence others, but it will only be based on where their thoughts are in relationship to the topic at hand.

Your greatest source of power and influence comes from being totally unwavering about minding your own business.

Minding your own business is really about you lining up your thoughts and actions with your desired outcome. Period. That’s your business.

In 2020 I had decided to hit record numbers in my business. I wanted a quantum leap.

Then Covid tried to mess with me. I wondered if the state of the world and everyone up in arms about politics here in the U.S. would crush my dream.

I decided to mind my own business and sink deeper into inspiration. I had to be vigilant about not looking at what I considered insanity on social media and the news in general.

I played by my own rules… the ones most aligned with joy, creativity, and fun.

I minded my energy, and my energy minded me.

It was a record-breaking year.

Now, it wasn’t easy minding my own business. The online opinions of others did their best to get me up in arms.

My personal life blew up and threatened to wipe me off the map.

And I just kept…


I got support. But the support was about how to best mind my own business. I wanted to mind other people’s business so I could control my outcomes.

But that only gives you faux confidence.

What other people are doing is none of your concern, especially when your reaction to them is fear, stress, or anger. Once you go down that emotional road, you get out of whack because of your observation of them. How is that helpful to you

When I first met my mate, he was adamant about having four children. I had always wanted two. (After all, I was the one going to be carrying these babies around while they were in the oven.)

I didn’t try to change his mind. I let him have his desire while I kept mine. After living together for a year, he came to me one day and announced that three children might be enough.

Hmm… I hadn’t even mentioned anything about this topic in a while. I was open to three, but two was still my preference. I just held steadfast about my desire and didn’t try to push him into what I wanted. I minded my business. My thoughts.

We have two boys. He’s happy. I’m happy.

(Although we’re both open to a foster child in our future!)

The only thing that can get in the way of you having what you want is you. If you’re aligned with what you want, it is law that you will attract it.

Like attracts like. Thoughts attract thoughts. Emotions attract similar emotions.

You could be in the middle of 1,000,000 resistant people who want the national flag to have stripes and you want all stars on the flag. If you are focusing positively on stars, guess who will win? The person who minds their own business always gets the essence of what they desire.

The benefits of paying attention to your thoughts and actions are huge. If you stay focused on how you’re feeling and are doing what you can to constantly upgrade thoughts… your positive impact on others will be profound. And it won’t feel like you have to arm twist people to get what you want.

Just keep your nose in your own business, and everything will be just fine for us both! 😉

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