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Even the most organized of us makes mistakes when focusing on desires. I would be one of those people. 😉

After hitting all-time highs in overhead back in 2013, I noticed that since then, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to shift my energy about these costly business expenses. My emotional process of that reaction went something like this:

Shock and disbelief:

  • Holy %*&#! My bills almost doubled. What the %*$@ is going on?!
  • Let me read through those bills to make sure they’re accurate.
  • $@#&! Yes, they’re accurate.


  • Well, we are building something big here and building a solid foundation requires an investment.
  • My team rocks. They’re worth whatever I have to pay to have my business be the best that it can be.
  • If I increase my profits then it won’t matter what I pay them.

Working on Solution:

  • OK, team, let’s see what we’re doing that can be streamlined.
  • How can we be more efficient?
  • Coach, let’s brainstorm ideas for increased net profit, so I will feel better about these expenses.

The Light Bulb Moment:

What if the focus was on improving our overall administrative model?

Instead of reacting to the increased overhead, I need to focus on bringing the overhead down to X, while increasing profits by Y.

Who can help us?

And how can the changes benefit everyone on my team, not just me?

When I shifted my focus from bringing overhead down and increasing profits in a general way, and got more specific with my intentions, specific solutions started flowing my way within hours.

When you create micro intentions, you feel more in control. When you feel in control, you’re reconnected to your power without having to control. You open yourself up to resources showing up “out of the blue.” Plus, your own actionable ideas will come without donning your “thinking cap.”

I felt more empowered by my plan of action and my profits increased immediately. And this happened before I took any new action to correct my problem.

At the same time I was having all of these a-ha moments about getting more specific about my intentions with money coming and going, I began mapping out a plan in my head about where new profits would be channeled.

A dollars to taxes, B to savings, C to this credit card, D to this vendor. I made the amounts above what my current reality could afford. And guess what? I was able to do it.

Often what you think is an intention is still a reaction. You’re not asking yourself to map out what you truly want. Especially when it comes to money. Generally, there is a reaction and then a desperate attempt to fix the problem without really feeling in charge.

Confidence that you can fix anything when you practice setting micro intentions will improve your success with manifestation, regardless of the topic. Even when the problem seems insurmountable.

You’ve got this. #gomicro

Tell me what you think of the idea of micro intentions?


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Soooo true! Soooo real! I have found that once I have a firm “knowing” that my specific desire will show up, letting go - just not giving it another thought thereafter - I leave room for the Universe to work for me. After delivering my specific desire to the Universe, I take my hands off, detach myself from the details and remain open to however my desire comes to me. Most of the time, my desire unfolds without the Universe directing me to take another step in the process and it is so amazing how it does that! About two months ago, I decided I needed to really, really learn Instagram and make it my platform because I’ve had so much trouble with Facebook. Two weeks ago, I, literally, won a free Instagram training package by attending a free webinar for virtual events planning! I did not know there would be prize drawings for participants and Instagram was not even in the presentation at all. I had a specific little intent, I let go of how, (The Universe told me to attend this webinar even though I don’t do events but the technology information might be helpful for all of this virtual work that is now growing.) and it showed up! A full package of downloadable Instagram training package was hand-delivered (e-mailed :)) to me! Did I say, “Soooo real!”?