My Mastermind Program starts soon. Will you be 1 of the 20 who tranforms their biz in 2012?

My Mastermind Program starts soon. Will you be 1 of the 20 who tranforms their biz in 2012 Is it time to increase your expectations? You get what you expect from the people you deal with in your business, the amount of money you bring in and how hectic or easy you think it's going to be. If you want rockstar results, in an easy and relaxed manner, there is only one way to do it … You’ve got to INCREASE your expectations of what you think is possible for you and your business ... immediately. Once a year I offer a 10-month Mastermind Program, and it's coming NEXT MONTH. This program is designed to address your habits of thought, your business model, leveraging attraction principles and implementing strategies that take a load off your mind and put money in your bank account. Forget your history, and do something different for you and your business right now. Prepave a rockin'  future! Get the scoop here. Half the seats in this very intimate coaching program are already filled with folks who are ready to become conscious leaders. We'll be spending lots of time together coaching, mentoring and supporting as a group and in your monthly private coaching calls. If you know me, you know my no-nonsense style and business coaching expertise.  And you KNOW that you would absolutely benefit from changing the way you think and act in your business. YOU are the one that generates the results, so does something need to shift? Let’s talk! If you don’t know me, let’s get acquainted. Listen to my no-cost teleclass just recorded, about putting the U in your business. You can register for the free recording here: Put the U in Business. Wouldn't it be cool if you learned to ...
  • Ditch anything and everything that is not working for you and your biz.
  • Create your IDEAL business and enjoy extreme abundance.
  • Experience the beauty of a FUNCIENT (fun + efficient) business.
  • Learn how to slow down so that you'll actually go faster.
  • LIVE everyday on your terms to make everything you do more attractive to the right people.
I'm totally fired up to support you! Jeanna
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