Master the Art of Receiving

In less than ten days, I've had the pleasure of being the guest of honor at two parties.  Both events were baby showers.  One was given by my business partner, Eva Gregory, and the other was by my godmother.

I found it interesting that I had some twinges of guilt around the amount of energy and money that was put into planning these beautiful events.  I felt awkward when they asked for my guest list. How many people should I invite?  What's too much?  Should I offer help in the planning?  I found myself having to train my gremlins into simply receiving the events they were giving me.

Next came the abundance of gifts!  I did a better job of receiving the gifts with joy.  It might be because I love to give gifts so I'm more open to receiving in this area.  I know the importance in receiving.

How masterful are you at letting in an abundance of compliments?  Love?  Generosity?  Assistance with projects or an area you're not skilled in? What about someone picking up your tab at a restaurant?

If you want to manifest your desires, the emotion of guilt is going to put a crimp in your hose of abundance.  I kept breathing and practiced allowing in all the abundance coming my way.  Are you open to receiving more from others?

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