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A beacon is a light placed high somewhere to be used as a warning or a signal. When we used to fly our little airplane at night, the beacon at the airport we were landing at made “home” stand out from the surrounding landscape.

It called to us, showing us exactly where we wanted to go. This is exactly how your mind works when it’s pulling in results.

What’s your beacon currently calling in?

Have you been intentionally focusing your energy, thoughts, and actions on the exact thing you want?

Maybe you’re the person who’s running all over the place chaotically waving a flashlight around and up to the heavens.

Maybe you need to redirect your beam. Here’s a quick way to kickstart the process…

Imagine yourself walking up to a very large lever. It’s three feet in length. You use both of your hands to push it all the way up.

You hear the electricity crackle and turn “on” as you do this. You hear the gears start turning and whirring as the light of your attraction turns on in full power.

Next, see your light shining far and steady, lighting the pathway for your manifestations to come to you. You never have to run around frantically trying to wave down the things and experiences you desire.

They see you clearly and direct themselves toward you.

We all have a powerful light. When you deliberately turn it on, it never has to be turned off.

Use the mental image of a beacon to assist you to focus your energy in productive and expansive ways.

Never doubt the power of taking small steps every day to refocus your energy to lock onto the things you want… instead of on what you don’t want.

What are you locking onto? Declare it below.

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Great visualization, Jeanna! Claiming more 5 star clients that love growing their Biz by shifting their energy! Those that I love to work and laugh with. Seeing the beacon of light shining brightly and making those connections with ease.