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One of the most misunderstood strategies of nailing your goals is to surrender into your current reality. The topic typically comes up when you decide you want to upgrade one aspect of your life or business and yet you’re stuck facing a reality that you don’t love.

What to do, what to do?

Don’t lie and try to convince yourself that you like what you see. However, you can stop resisting it. You can also find aspects of your current reality that you can appreciate. It is important that you make peace with your current reality; otherwise, you won’t be able to shake it loose to upgrade to your next reality.

I’ll use creating more income as an example. If your business currently attracts $3,000 a month, yet you need to pull in more than $5,000 to pay your business and living expenses, how do you make peace with that?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Appreciate the money you are making.
  • Appreciate that you are paying some of your expenses.
  • Appreciate your current and past clients, customers, and patients.
  • Acknowledge that you are in transition, and it takes some time to see results.
  • Acknowledge the courage it takes to own your own business.
  • Get excited about your forthcoming income upgrade.
  • Let go of past mistakes or that you think you should be farther along in the process of generating income.
  • Use this transition time to align your thoughts, beliefs, and focus with your intended income outcome.

Soothing your emotions into a place of peace, or at least acceptance, will allow the new beliefs, strategies, and ideas to come forth to assist you to upgrade your income. Give as little attention as possible to the pain of your current financial situation unless you’re using it to learn information to create solutions.

There is actually nothing bad about your current reality except the label that you put on it. Don’t see your reality as a big, hairy deal, because when you do, it becomes a big, hairy deal.

Many years ago I was in deep debt and watched my income go from six figures to under $50,000 in a year. I was beating myself up pretty bad, and nothing was shifting.

The first thing I did was make a decision to upgrade back into six figures. The next step was to make peace with my situation. I had done myself very wrong for allowing my finances to get so low, especially knowing what I know about this topic.

I had to let it all go! As soon as I made peace with it all, I felt instant relief. Releasing my resistance opened me up to step back into six figures within nine months.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up. Surrender means this situation is temporary and it just is what it is… for now.

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