All you personal growth junkies may throw snowballs at me, but I have to say it.

Negative emotions aren’t bad or something to avoid.

Stating what’s wrong with your life isn’t terrible either. Even if you shout your complaints to God and the Universe at the top of your lungs, it’s still okay.

You can still manifest like a mofo. (I’m proof of that!)

The truth is that we’re feeling whatever we’re feeling. It’s all just feelings.

Your emotional guidance system is giving you feedback through its receptors. The feedback tells you if your energy is focused in a manner that’ll get you closer to what you desire… or not.

It also tells you if you like or dislike what’s happening right in the moment.

So, never, ever push down that negative emotion.

It’s telling you exactly what you need to know to get back on track.

When frustration or fears pop up, ask yourself, “What does the emotion need?”

Sometimes it needs to be FULLY experienced. You may need to vent, write, scream, or cry.

Other times you may need to talk it out with an objective party. Then there will be times when you can relax into the feeling and then simply release it.

There is never a wrong way to deal with negative emotions except to ignore them or live in them full time.

It’s better to allow them to bubble to the surface and breathe fresh air than to let them fester underground and then have an untimely explosion.

People who know the Law of Attraction tend to get upset when they notice they’re in a negative emotion. They want to rush away from the emotion, and then it never really gets dealt with in a lasting way.

If you find yourself in the quicksand of negative emotions, use the following tips:

  • Notice how you’re feeling, but don’t resist or judge it.
  • Clarify what triggered the emotion.
  • Ask yourself if there is a belief you need to let go of to find some relief.
  • Check in with your heart to see if the emotion needs to be fully expressed before you move on to a better thought.
  • Allow yourself time to move through it. Trust that you’ll feel better soon and that you don’t have to push and poke yourself into a better state of mind.

All emotions are a gift. It means you’re alive. The fastest way through any negative emotion is to simply be with the feeling, relax into it, or fully express it.

Either way, this too shall pass. And from those negative emotions come more clarity and a gateway to freedom.

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