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Ever notice that when you want something really bad that you make the process of getting it waaayyy harder than it has to be? It’s not a unique situation.

You set your eyes on something that feels a little (or a lot) out of reach… then some part of you decides it won’t be easy to get.

You feel you have to get it or your life just won’t be as good. You’re emotionally attached and uptight now. You start feeling that pushy and controlling energy bubbling up.

Fear of not getting the desire starts rearing its ugly head. Now it’s no longer uplifting to think about it.

When the process of getting the goal becomes hard, make it a game. When you’re trying to shift a belief or a habit and you’re going nowhere fast, make it a game. If you’re doing a chore that needs to be done but you’re hating it, make it a game. Creating a fun and simple game shifts your perspective and makes the manifesting journey more pleasant and a lot quicker.

Here are some ideas for increasing your money flow with games…

  • Log in a journal all the money that comes to you. Whether it’s a new client or you find a penny on the ground, log it. If you’re shopping for a new toaster and you get it on sale for $10 off, write it down. Acknowledge your money magnetism and count each cent as evidence that you’re in the flow with money. This keeps your focus on the money you do have, not on the money that isn’t here yet.
  • Set a small money goal each day or week. If on average you pull in $2,000 a week, focus on $2,100 a week. As soon as you get $2,100, focus on $2,200. This makes the target bigger, but not so big that it seems hard.
  • Make a list of what you’re going to do with your money once you manifest the desired amount. For instance, many years ago we bought a home and remodeled everything.

    The first thing I focused on after the bulk of the remodel was done was picking out water faucets. I shopped until I found the most perfect choices and then decided the date by which I’d buy them. Once the money came in, I did the same process with ceiling fans for every room. Then, on to the six-burner range with convection oven and a new dishwasher.

    By focusing on what the money would buy me, I got very excited and took inspired actions toward the purchases.

You can also make a game of attracting new clients and customers…

  • Contact a certain number of people each day for new business. I’m not necessarily talking about cold calling. Make contact with people who can connect you with your target market. People who you know already but who may not know you are looking for new clients. Follow up on new or old leads. It’s just about connecting, not focusing on the selling.
  • Get five people to say no to you each day. I played this game and filled my coaching practice. I would ask people if they knew someone who’d like coaching or if they’d like a sample session to taste my style of coaching. I rarely got five no responses in one day because so many people said yes. When you focus on getting a “No,” it takes away the fear of rejection.

When doing chores…

  • If I’m pruning roses, I tell myself I’ll fill three buckets or prune two bushes and then I’ll stop.
  • You can set time limits as to when you’ll finish the job and see how much you can accomplish in that time frame. Add some high-energy music to the mix for extra oomph or take along your favorite smoothie, coffee drink, or cocktail!
  • Ask a friend or family member for help. When my son is in the garden with me, I can work for hours. Or when I was moving, two of my friends came over and made me show them everything in my closet, and they voted if I could keep it or not. They made a job to which I had complete resistance, very easy.

You can make anything into a game. Even the most serious of circumstances, like health issues or finding love.

Play your game for the transformation you’ll experience… then you’ll always win.

Taking things serious is seriously overrated. 😉

What game sounds fun to you?

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Virginia Reeved
Jeanna: I especially like the idea of giving yourself a specific item you wanted in the house as your goal. I can see that being used in a number of ways. Thanks as always for your useful tips.
Wow! Good stuff here. And I’m kinda doing it already in some areas.