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“How much would you like to charge for your services, if you could ask for what you really wanted?” I asked.
I instantly felt the resistance oozing through the phone. “What I want to charge and what I feel I can get are two different things,” my client replied.
And so it begins. It was time for my speech about charging what you want.
It’s really a simple thing. You feel into your heart and reach for the number that feels good and true. It doesn’t matter who you’re selling to or what your service or product is. If you charge what you want and are confident about it, then you will attract the clients and revenue you desire.
Period. The end. The Universe will hand over whatever you desire as long as you release any resistance. Your product or service doesn’t even need to be the best or even brilliant. You just need to genuinely believe in the offering, know the value the end user will receive, and ask a price that is satisfying, profitable, and aligned with your business model.
Not convinced with the simplicity of my speech? Then you’re not ready to make the leap into your ideal pricing. But you want to be… I know you do.
The benefits of charging fees and prices that support your dream vision for your business are…

  • You’ll begin to attract more ideal clients.
  • You won’t resent your clients.
  • You will want to give them even more value.
  • It increases your confidence level.
  • You’ll make more profit and be able to hire other people to do the things in your business that aren’t your strengths or that you don’t have time to do.
  • You’ll experience more joy because you’ll be more aligned with your true vision.

There’s also great value in charging what you feel is good right now, while moving your way into the bigger vision as your business and confidence grows. You can begin with a small step.

When I first began coaching, I charged $50 a month. This is what the “experienced” coaches told me to do. No wonder I had to keep working in my other two businesses to make a living. I continued to raise my fees every few months until I hit $350 a month. It seemed to be the going rate so I never questioned if I wanted more.

One day I had a flash of my original vision for my coaching practice. I was working with ten clients at a time. They had me on retainer for $1000 a month. I knew I had to step into that vision and I was SCARED! How was I going to make such a drastic increase in price? Would people say yes?

I decided to raise the fee to $500 a month as the first step. The next person who inquired about my coaching said yes. That shoved my confidence into the right place. The next person who called for my coaching was quoted $1000. And they said YES!

My enjoyment level skyrocketed as a result. I could spend more time with my clients because I was working with fewer of them and my schedule had more space.

And when it comes to attracting what you want, the Universe doesn’t give a rip what you charge. If you’re focused positively on what you want, it will deliver it. No matter how big or small. Might as well go for what you really want! It’s the same process and the same amount of effort.

Are you committed to choosing your perfect pricing? If so, when?


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