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Pretend you’re in a goal-setting workshop. Some of the goals you decide to put on your list for the year are really exciting. Some are frustrating.

You’re tired of wanting that same goal year after year. You’ve put it on the list before and it didn’t manifest, so what will change this year? There may be a goal or two you have written down that feel out of reach or too big.

No wonder some people don’t like to do their yearly goals! The process can bring up a lot of negative emotions.

Okay, come back to reality. The first step of clarifying your goals is important.

But you still have to take action, right? Yes, you do. Taking the right action is important, as well as having the right timing.

How do you know what the right action is? Simple. You wake up in the morning…

… excited to do it. You want to do it.

Now, there are times when you want to take an action but it gets pushed off your radar screen by more important needs in the moment. That’s fine. Trust the perfect timing is coming. Do not beat yourself up about not making a goal happen sooner.

For two years I had on my goal list to create a visualization CD. It’s a fun project and easy for me. So, why didn’t I complete it soon after clarifying the goal? Timing. I worked on it in spurts. An hour here, an hour there. Sometimes months would go by without me giving the project any attention.

There was one part of it I resisted. The recording. I wanted to learn to do it on my Mac. I saved the worst for last.

I bought a microphone, but I waited nine months before actually testing it. It didn’t work. Tech support was of little help. I emailed my friend Jason with “help” in the subject line. I was inspired to email him, even though I hadn’t talked to him in months. I could’ve just taken the mic back to the store. But no. Jason came over and determined that the mic was broken.

He then invited me to record my entire CD in his new music studio the next day. (I had no idea he even had a recording studio!) It was done after a few sessions. He even laid down the music tracks behind my voice. It couldn’t have been any easier for me.

I went with the flow, and the timing of the production was perfect. I didn’t push myself to finish the product sooner. I allowed myself to take action when I was in the mood and not rushed. Once the Mind Games CD cover was designed, I got really excited to begin the recording and finish the project… which led to the inspiration to email Jason.

Now, what about those goals that make you feel stuck? You know, those ones that feel like they are your final frontier?

Top 3 frustrating goals for most people:

  1. Attracting more money
  2. Losing weight
  3. Being in a great primary relationship

Once you’ve stated what you want with these goals, forget about them. Most people work waaaaaay too hard on letting go of their attachment to the goals. They find themselves trying to stop worrying, judging, and plain ole obsessing about them.

If you’re one of those people tackling the last unfulfilled area of your life, listen up. You’ll find it’s easier to lock on to something BIGGER.

Get into the flow by choosing a different, more important, and deeply fulfilling goal. Then when you find yourself fretting over the final frontier, you can shift your energy to this new bigger goal. This eliminates the need to try talking yourself into positive thoughts about the final frontier goal that’s not here. You don’t have to resist your resistance using this shortcut.

Here are some BIGGER goals that you might find worthy:

  • Enjoying the moment
  • Peace
  • Relaxation
  • Being authentic
  • Having fun

Make this goal more important than that final frontier area of your life. You don’t have to give up the desire for wealth, health, and partnership. Just let it rest for a while.

Those goals are sometimes better left to the Universe to handle while you focus on being fulfilled with you… now. The irony will be that when you feel at ease with your life as it is, you’ll be in the flow.

The flow, meaning you’ll be in harmony with receiving all that good stuff you put on your goal list for the year.

Don’t make getting into the flow hard work. Just be in it. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

What’s the final frontier you’ll let flow in?

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Rose Lohse
Let it flow!
So true! Good things happen when you least expect it!
Thank you! This really makes sense.