One of the BEST entrepreneurial habits for success is to prioritize your actions each day.

It’s a challenge for most people to limit their daily business action list to six to eight items. I always advocate a list of six priorities a day… and that means personal AND professional combined!

I know, sounds impossible. But it’s not.

A short list assists you in truly choosing what’s most important to accomplish for the day. It also forces you to be extremely focused and present with each task at hand.

There’s less pressure on your back when you whittle the list down to six or eight items, which gives you a better perspective for the day and allows you to access more creativity and effortless solutions to any setbacks you run into.

Less pressure means more money flow, too!

Now, here’s a big secret that’ll increase the effectiveness of each action you take in a workday: Take time before you begin the day to get your head in the right place. Most people just rush full throttle into the day, without paying attention to how they feel.

When you decide how you’d like to feel before you get out of bed, you set a whole different vibe to the events of the day. I like to give myself a focus each day for my emotional focus. Some of my common focuses are ease, abundance, connection, openness, power, and spaciousness. I choose one to focus on.

Getting your emotions lined up with your mental productive mind will increase the effectiveness of everything you do tenfold. Most people notice a difference the first day they follow this practice. Creating a shorter to-do list combined with a focus on how you most want to feel will help you avoid overwhelm, catastrophe, and stress.

And a happier person attracts more clients and money in fewer action steps.

“When you are taking action in your now and it is not action in joy, it is our apostolate promise to you, that it will not lead to a happy ending.” – Abraham-Hicks

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