Last Quarter Touchdown

Last Quarter Touchdown The last quarter of each business year can wreck havoc on a business owner's stress level. You want to ...
  • Launch a new service or product
  • Get more ideal clients signing on the dotted line
  • Give your website a makeover
  • Hire or fire to make your team a tight unit
  • Start writing that book
  • Reinvent your focus or niche
If you want to kick a$$ in the last months of 2011, you don't have to ... Stress out, Max out, Take massive action or Settle for ho-hum results! Bring your top 1 or 2 goals for 2011 that you have not manifested ...YET, and I'm going to give you the coaching, vision and mindset to take your most right and perfect actions and to score YOUR touchdown in the last quarter. The purpose of this complimentary power hour will be to show you how I work with business owners in my Mastermind Program to breakthrough into the winner's circle even when the odds seem stacked against them. Last Quarter Touchdown - Get your next, most perfect actions to manifest like crazy in your business! Tuesday, October 4th at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT There is no business issue that can't be handled, turned around or used for ammunition to play a bigger game. GAME ON!
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