Kung Fu Wisdom For Your Business

 ~ by Christian Mickelsen There are very few people I go to for coaching on my business because most of them are singularly focused on a particular strategy or they are pure mindset. Christian Mickelsen has the perfect combination of both. I can trace much of my success in the past few years directly back to him. I’ve done VIP days, masterminds, and joint ventures with Christian and he consistently shows me how to attract more abundance with less effort. Want to know a ‘Kung Fu’ secret that will help you quickly grow your business?masterpeacecoach-de5df329-39c0-44d7-a513-9336ffb7d77d-v2 I’ve been taking Kung Fu lessons for a few months now and during today’s lesson we reviewed everything I’ve learned so far. I still make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I keep my blocking hand open when it should be closed or keep it closed when it should be open. But… I noticed today that I made way less mistakes than I’ve ever made before. When I first started taking lessons there seemed to be so many little things to focus on: My feet, my posture, my striking hand, my blocking hand, my techniques. It was a little overwhelming. I think a business can be the same way. We can get overwhelmed with all there is to master: => 30-second commercial => networking/strategic alliances => writing marketing materials => writing articles => the enrollment process, etc. And… What happens to many business owners is they work too hard on perfecting all of the little details. Maybe you never get hung up on the details, but I’m sure you know business owners like this. In fact there could be someone like this sitting in your chair right now. My advice for you is to *let go* of the desire to get everything right. Trust your natural developmental process. Instead just do. Do what you need to do, do a lot of it, and relax about everything being perfect. You’ll naturally become better at selling, marketing, and everything else needed for your business. The most important thing to focus on is getting things done and moving on to the next thing. Without focusing on every little detail, my Kung Fu techniques have dramatically improved simply from doing. I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my business along the way and I’m still making them. There are 100 things I could be doing better right now. But, instead of focusing on all of the little details that aren’t perfect yet, I just keep working on one big thing at a time. *** The Bottom Line *** Let all of your business building activities be practice and you will get better and better at everything you do. What can you DO today to build your business right now? Are you ready to let go of perfection and allow yourself to get better naturally -simply by doing? Post your answer in the comments below. ‘Let’s get people coached!’ Christian Mickelsen is a leading authority on personal development and personal coaching. FREE TODAY - his #1 bestselling book, *Get Clients Today* (the new 2nd edition). Plus, a super powerful tool for getting clients, the *Red Hot Free Session Offers*. Grab them here.
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