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I usually don’t have guest authors for my ezine but Bridget Engel, self-made millionaire and a gal who walks her talk, wrote a beautiful article on using your Divine Guidance. There are some great practical examples in here. Enjoy! Find out more about Bridget at or join our 9-week teletraining next week! ;-) ------------------------------------ Gnothi Seauton - Know Thyself These words were inscribed above the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Delphi, site of the sacred Oracle. In ancient Greece, people would visit the Oracle hoping to find out what destiny had in store for them or what course of action to take. Many of them did not realize they had their own power to access their Divine Connection. The common belief was the Oracle had their answers. From the ancient days of the Oracle, we have come a long way. But I still run into people who do not fully believe or understand how to access their own Divine Guidance. The most asked questions I receive from people are "how do I connect and follow my inner guidance", along with "how do I know it's real". I always smile, because I recognize this place within me that can push or struggle to get an answer, especially when I’m feeling up against it. If you are having fearful thoughts or in a struggle mentally, it will feel like you are disconnected because you are on a different vibrational frequency. Think analog verses digital. Receiving Divine Guidance is a part of your natural state and you are always connected no matter what. Because it is subtle, it can feel like nothing huge has happened. Our minds can think of Divine Guidance as being this very big earth shattering revelation. When in reality it is more like quiet, consistent whispers, with very loving and peaceful energy added to it. When you listen and act upon your Divine Guidance, you follow your natural flow of energy, life feels fantastic and you may feel unstoppable. Your Divine Guidance speaks to you in the form of feelings, insights, inner knowings, and through your audio senses. Divine Guidance brings you information from sources other than those that can be detected by your physical senses. For example, you may be asking a question and then you happen to be standing in line at a grocery store overhearing a conversation that you feel was meant for you. Or you randomly open a book to the perfect paragraph, or watch a movie that gives you the insight you were looking for. This is how Divine Guidance works. I know it can seem basic, but the more we pay attention to these moments, the more we will be one with the synchronicity and magic of life. Divine Guidance always directs you to your highest good. Learning to distinguish from wishful thinking or fearful thinking is one of the challenges when getting started. If you receive a joyful nudge or an urge, follow it ... this is coming from Divine Guidance. If it feels heavy or starts agitating you, this is not your Divine Guidance; this is fearful thinking taking over. Take a pause from this and let it go as best you can, knowing that you will get your answer at a later time. Since Divine Guidance speaks to you through your senses such as emotions and thoughts, the more you are aware of them the easier it will be to distinguish between Divine Guidance and your mental mind. When you ask for guidance, the first emotional thought is normally the right one. Sometimes within seconds, our minds can come in and second-guess the message, which creates confusion. You develop your Divine Guidance when you act upon your inner messages and get feedback by writing down your evidence. This builds your trust muscles. I like keeping a journal and writing down all of my Divine Guidance stories. I was recently asking Divine Guidance how I could simplify my life. I want to travel more, write my book and start some other creative projects, along with building a portfolio and savings account. I heard "sell your house and free up your time and resources" and in that moment, I felt the truth and joyousness of freedom. I was shown that this house had strengthened me in so many ways and had served its purpose. Running the house now had become a part time job for me and I'm feeling as if there are shackles around my body. As I went about organizing all of the action steps, I started feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of work it would take to get this huge 3 story, 3500 square foot house ready. This was my fearful mind kicking in. At that moment, I questioned my Divine Guidance message. I paused, took some breaths and heard "you are on the right track - stay in the moment and do bite-sized tasks". Divine Guidance has very practical information. I've had a few meltdowns along the way, and again I heard "let your emotions release and give into the process". So many times, I want the uncomfortableness to go away as fast as possible. As I surrendered to the tears and overwhelm, I would start feeling more free, more alive and more resourceful than when I started. There is much wisdom and growth in the uncomfortableness. Divine Guidance comes in when you are relaxed and in quiet states, such as driving, walking, meditating, dancing, listening to music, writing, or anything that makes you feel really good. You develop your Divine Guidance by creating daily habits. If you want to strengthen your Divine Guidance and develop the relationship, I recommend committing to 10 minutes each day. Start with your intention, such as "I want clear guidance about this situation". Then start by taking nice deep cleansing breaths and know there is nothing for you to do. Just allow yourself to receive and your experiences will start to unfold. If fearful thoughts come in, do not try to push them away, simply place your attention back onto your breath and your intention. If you have any challenges going on in your life, ask your Divine Guidance for assistance and give yourself permission to get messy and allow yourself to surrender to the process.
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