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About 15 years ago I found myself with a very, very dry mouth. I was on a plane focusing on what I didn’t want to happen. I didn’t want to get hurt or die.

I was about to jump out (with a parachute, of course) and land in a place that was surrounded by obstacles (as if jumping out of a plane wasn’t enough!).

To the north and south of the small landing zone were multi-story buildings. To the west was a crocodile-filled lagoon, and to the east was the ocean. Not to mention that a skydiver had landed in the ocean the day before without his parachute opening… and he died.

After feeling the anxiety rise to my chest, I decided I needed to focus on the end result: Have a fun skydive and land safely and easily in the landing zone.

I envisioned myself in the perfect landing pattern and my feet hitting the ground softly. I even saw everyone being impressed by such a perfect landing. I love being acknowledged!

I did have a fun and safe landing. Phew! But as I gathered my parachute up, I also noticed a wave of relief that I was on the ground. I knew the next skydive would be more relaxing.

In your life, have you ever found yourself with a dry mouth about jumping on a business or investment opportunity?

Were you focused on what could go wrong or that it might not be a good choice or that you might fail?

Opportunities require a gut check, due diligence, and trust.

You can look for an opportunity. Or you can create your own opportunity. Much like when I used to skydive, you might question your sanity or choose to view an opportunity as complete and total fun.

People might tell you all the prospective risks and that you’re a nut if you jump on it.

Do you want to follow the crowd or do your research and make a choice to live a life of no regret?

Before I jumped out of the plane in Belize all those years ago, I examined the drop zone twice. I sat in the co-pilot’s seat of the plane and had the pilot brief me as well as the organizer of the event.

Then I made a choice.

I planned the skydive with the other jumpers. From the outside observer we may have been viewed as the ultimate risk-takers. But we knew better. There were safety checks and lots of planning. Yes, there had been many skydivers who had been hurt and even passed on.

This is exactly how it is in business and investing, and even relationships.

Do you want to focus on risk or reward?

No amount of reading or planning will make you successful or prosperous in life. Looking at the past as proof about how you should play it safe or small isn’t going to fly if you want to be in your ultimate power or abundance.

What are you committed to?

You can look at your results to see what you’re committed to in regards to your income and business. You can be committed to struggling, playing it safe, being fearful, being aggressive, or many other things. It’s only important to know where you are currently and compare it to where you want to be.

Focus on your income compared to your expenses for a moment. When you think about your numbers does it feel spacious and relaxed, or do you get a feeling of tension, doubt, or worry?

If you feel anything less than elation, you need to get committed to something bigger. There are no limits on the amount of money you can generate. Okay, that’s a lie. Your mind and emotions can limit your prosperity.

The more I mentor clients, I see that they all know more about reaching their results than they care to acknowledge.

Mostly we’re releasing the old stories (a lie you repeatedly tell yourself) we’ve made up about things in our lives and grabbing on to the ones that feel better.

Sure, there are specific how-tos to creating true prosperity, but they’re hard to put into full swing if you have beliefs that won’t let you feel good in the process.

Would you like to create new stories that TOTALLY support actions that lead to abundance?

Do you know somewhere in your heart that wealth IS possible for you?

What stories would you like to let go of?

Do you take the steps that will educate, support, & hold you accountable to living at your full potential, NOW? Do you really want to?

The more specific you can get about clarifying your desired outcomes of the class, the better. Being specific when setting a goal leaves no room for you to be sneaky or justify why it didn’t happen.

It’s also important to reflect on what stands between you and wealth.

Not clear? Get help. You must find out what keeps you in a holding pattern or you will continue to do it.

What do you need to implement? No kidding. If you only had one year to take action on your dreams, how would you live?

Would it be different than how you’re currently playing in your life?

My intentions for you:

  • Keep following your plan.
  • Trust that you can let go of fear and your old paradigms.
  • Know from experience that you are capable of being, doing, and having whatever you wish.

Now, go for it!

I’m here if you need additional education, coaching, support, or just a kick in the butt! I believe in you. Do you?

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