Many ago, my professional organizer asked me why I kept my office supplies on the left side of my desk when I’m right-handed. I had no idea why I put them there. I never thought much about how my office was organized.

The only things I cared about in my office back then was the best equipment and pretty décor.

I had no idea that we could change a few things and make my life so much easier. I’ve since been addicted to organizing and constantly improving my space. I continually ask myself “How can I make this even better?”

There was nothing wrong with my office before my visit with the professional organizer. I thought hiring her sounded fun and had no idea what the outcome would be. I didn’t know how much better my home and office space could feel.

What I’m talking about is not the quest for perfection in my environment, business or systems. It’s about upgrading, simplifying and enjoying.

I once heard Abraham-Hicks say, “You can go beyond ecstasy.”

Whoa! That rocked my world. You can just keep moving on up that emotional scale to experience more joy, more joy and even more joy.

Heck, I’d been thrilled just to stay calm and relaxed. If I hit the target of spending over 50% of my day chilled out, I was impressed with myself!

The thought that everything can be even better is breath taking. Think about each of the things below being more fulfilling, joy-filled and beautiful…

A great relationship
Your income
Your investments
Your home
Your outdoor space
Your friendships
Your love for life
Your relationship with family, friends & colleagues
Your business
Your vacations
Your vehicle
Your 5-Star Clients

The list goes on and on. Any topic you give attention to can rise to your peak level of desire… and still have room to grow!

You just have to open to it. You have to believe that upgrading is not only possible for you, but you have the resources to make it real.

I make things real by assuming the identity of someone who has upgraded that area of her life to five star. I make choices like someone who is no-kidding gonna have five star and nothing less.

I don’t give up even when it looks like my progress is stopped… or even that it’s going backwards.

While assuming a new identity as the person who has 5-star this and 5-star that, you’ll have to let go of what has been up to this point in order to let something better in.

Expecting that everything can only get better from here is a heavenly way to live on this earth. And it’s not for the faint at heart. You have to keep committing to something better when the illusion appears that it’s not possible.

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Vatsala Shukla
So true, Jeanna. It's one way to also manifest something beyond our dreams, when we reaffirm that this or something better is going to happen.