Is Spirituality just a new "in" word?

One of my clients just redid the look of her ezine and I was thrilled at how awesome it turned out. Then I read her content and had to reprint her article here for you because it was on a topic near and dear to my heart…listening to your Divine Guidance. Is Spirituality just a new "in" word? Is Spirituality just a new in wordHave you noticed how recently you hear the word "spirituality" much more often than you heard it before? When I was growing up you were either religious or agnostic. Those who didn’t fall into any of these categories were thrown into the box called "New Age" or just "weird". These days, however, spirituality is beginning to have a voice of its own and very rightly so. Are you familiar with the story of J.K.Rowling, the author of Harry Potter? She had exactly the same struggles in her life as any one of us, except, she wanted more out of her life. The idea for Harry Potter "dawned on her" when she was at her lowest point. As a result, she (as opposed to many other human beings), did the following: she listened to her inspiration, accepted it, followed up by taking an inspired action, carried through with it and the rest, as they say, is history. Do you ever listen to your inner voice? Do you honor the ideas and inspirations that you are getting? Do you trust it or ignore it? Did you ever experience that the same ideas keep coming back, as if prodding you into action? What do you do then? Listening to your inner voice and actually trusting it is the least you can do for yourself. If still in doubt, you can do a simple test. Whenever you have a decision to make (and it can be a small one, since you are in a "testing mode"), just ask yourself for the answer and then be still and quiet and observe what word, image or feeling comes to you. That is your answer and the truth is, you will never be able to get better advice from anybody else. For you see, you have the most powerful tool right inside of you. All you have to do is to open up to it, give it a voice and then listen carefully. You can call it spirituality, intuition, inner wisdom, Higher Self, the choice is yours; as long as you acknowledge and welcome it into your life. ©2010 LB Life Coaching Natalie Ekberg is an international Personal and Executive Coach and author. She leads executives through major life transitions including mid-life career decisions. As a result they drop struggle and stress leading to the clarity and courage needed to live their vision. Find out more at
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