Inspired Ideas in the Middle of the Night

By Jeanna Gabellini

How many times have you woke up in the middle night and tried heard to go back to sleep with no such luck?  It can be frustrating.  You can't decide if you should just get up to read, watch television or get on your computer.

I have a better idea.  Use that time to connect to your inner guidance or guides.  You can simply just set your intention to clear your mind and feel a spiritual connection.  As thoughts come to your mind, let them go.  You're focus is to create space for peace and love.

Another way to to use that time in the wee hours of the morn is to ask your guides/inner guidance/Universe/God for specific information on topics that are important to you.  I bring to mind projects in my business that I want to expand on or personal conflicts that I want to have resolution.  I then allow the answers to come.  Sometimes the answers are very simple and many times they are filled with details that make me want to jump up and get into action.

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