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No matter how bad you want to get rid of a health problem, it won't go away easily unless you do something about your thinking.

Yep, ride that stair machine for hours, eat carrot sticks, get medication, take your supplements, get surgery and you still might not see your results. Or you may notice another nagging health issue crop up soon after.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't follow your desired path of healing. But in order to truly heal or recover, forever, you need to shift your mindset. That includes releasing ongoing stress, beliefs about aging, rules about health and taking your focus off of what is wrong with your body.

I've got so much more to say, but I don't have the room and I'd need to find out more about your  particular situation and beliefs to bridge the gap about this information.

In a few days, the Infallible Health 3-month tele-course will begin. My co-leader is health expert David DiFrancesco. He brings the science and I bring the Law of Attraction. They support each other in perfect harmony.

Change the way you think about health and you will also transform every area of your life. I invite you to take back the power when it comes to your health. People who observe your changes will think it's a miracle or'll know it was intentional.

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