If you want to improve your game in any area of your life… be more observant of yourself. As you live your life, stay present to the things that happen, and your inner guidance will store the data for you.

Your practice is to then consistently use the new data in a positive way.

I like to look at my assumptions about how I think the world should work and then tweak based on how I observe that assumption working or not working for me. Boom! You’ve got yourself a lot of life lessons you can use to your benefit.

When reviewing your lessons, never condemn yourself for not doing better.

The lessons are here now as a gift to you so you can…

… adjust your game in small increments for massive peace and ease moving forward.

Sometimes it takes two or three (or more) lessons for you to make a decision in your life to be different. And to that I say, “So, what?” If it takes 100 lessons, it’s still all good.

Keep your sense of humor handy. =)

Here are some examples of learning from everyday events in my own life:

Event: Purchasing a home.

Assumptions: Intending to find the perfect home is all I need to do. If everyone in the transaction would just calm down and be like me, it would be so much easier.

Lessons learned:

  • I got the house I was intending, and next time I will pave the coming transaction with intentions of ease and excitement.
  • If I stay calm and excited, no matter what others are being or doing, I still get to have a pleasure-filled experience. I got the outcome I wanted despite the obstacles that were presented. Yet I could’ve jacked up my trust factor a bit and not had any tension.

Event: Teaching people to water ski.

Assumptions: If I give simple instructions and give feedback, they will learn.

Lessons learned:

My brother, the water ski newbie, was doing everything right but just needed to be patient while the boat pulled him out of the water. How often do I try to keep making corrections to control the outcome while all that was needed was a little patience and trust that it will all come together? This reinforced the lesson from buying the house.

Event: My mate resists a plan or making a decision.

Assumptions: If he would just chill out, like me, he could enjoy all plans and people.

Lessons learned:

If I don’t resist his resistance, his resistance would roll off me like water off a duck. I always get my intended outcome, so he is not getting in my way in the first place!

The lessons we receive usually have a theme.

Do you see the theme in my examples above? My observation is that I’m doing pretty well with knowing my intended outcomes. I also do well with trusting I will get that outcome in the end. But I often forget about my endgame, thinking it’s all going downhill.

I have a tendency to try to control outcomes and have knee-jerk reactions to the bumps in the road… that are totally unnecessary.

The lesson to improve my game is to keep my eye trained on the endgame. When I trust that the small obstacles don’t need to cause alarm or a big reaction from me, I’ll attract fewer obstacles and experience more ease in the unfolding of my outcomes.

What have you observed about yourself in the last month? Notice any themes? What is one lesson you can use to practice small adjustments in your life?

What’s your new practice to improve your game?

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