ImagineI’ve bungled up quite a few awesome manifestations in my life with the thought,“This feels too easy. Can I get away with this?!” And pretty soon thereafter, trouble stirred. Since thoughts create things,I practice trusting that things get to be easy and stay easy. Now I live that experience daily. It wasn’t easy. It took a ton of practice. For all of you who get scared that something is too good to be true or you think life only gives you good stuff after you’ve worked hard enough, long enough, and paid your dues…think again. My graphic artist and friend, Susan, sent me this poem that she wrote below a couple of days ago. It’s one of those ones you need to print out and read again and again. Imagine a life where it only gets better and better. How good can you stand it?! IMAGINE Have you ever been truly within reach of your heart’s deepest desire? Right there, teetering, on the edge of everything you dared to expect? You wiggle your toes often -- just to verify they’re actually still on the ground… and sometimes, you’re not actually sure they are. What is that tingle quivering in your gut? The anticipation or the terror? to jump, with your heart wide open, and exposed …again. What is that accelerated heart pound that makes your skin sizzle with magic? Confirmation, or purely a rocket of desire flying full-throttle into wishful thinking? But what if – just imagine ... the rush of in-your-soul-knowing you still believed it was not only possible, but actually happening? People who say dreams don’t come true, must not dare to have any. For I know some who are so blessed, it's surreal to realize it can, in fact, be too good and true too. The wonder of it– this human capacity to experience dreaming the “impossible” and then actually getting to live it too! It makes my head spin and my heart soar. -Susan Johnson
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