Illusion Delusion

Illusion DelusionHave you heard that everything is an illusion?

Well it is. All parts of your life are happening as you see them. It’s all about your perspective. If you change the perspective, you will create another illusion.

I like the word illusion because it makes me think that I can get rid of a current negative reality as easily as waving away a puff of smoke.

Another way of seeing life is as a choice of realities in any given moment. Imagine someone fanning a deck of playing cards out in front of you and then you get to choose one. If you don’t like the one you choose, you stick it back and choose another.

Most people don’t understand that the Law of Attraction is far more profound, fast, divine and magical than they can currently grasp. It sounds too wild to think that if I choose to live the illusion of wealth, I could go from not making my debt payments to paying them off in full in the same month.

It’s delusional to brush off the power of illusions. 

I once was doing a rope course with some friends and found myself stuck on a wire about 30 feet above the ground. I was connected to a safety line but had made a decision that the friend who was holding it would drop me. I refused to let go of the tree I was hugging so they could safely lower me to the ground.

I got myself so scared that I was crying. My friends spent 15 minutes coaching me out of the fear. I didn’t realize that my fear was an illusion. I had painted a fictional picture in my mind and reacted. My friend, Kathy Fettke, had to remind me that I loved angels. I then painted a picture in my mind of flying safely to the ground. It worked. I let go of the tree.

I’ve also had experiences of positive illusions. When I was house hunting several summers ago, I knew that I would have a gorgeous house with a water view. My brain and emotions had locked on to the vision of me sitting out on my back deck enjoying the view. 

I knew I would find a way to financially make it work, even though I also knew most of the houses I viewed were way out of my price range. My house would reveal itself. My realtor saw that I’d bought into this illusion, and, while hesitant, she eventually followed my lead. 

Thanks to this illusion, a few months later I moved into a house with a pristine view that cost 50% less than houses with half the view. 

The rest of the world may think you’re delusional, but you’ll know just how powerful your illusion is in creating the reality you want. If you don’t like yours, trade it in!

What is one thing that people may think is delusional about your biz, but you KNOW it's actually creating the precise reality you want?  Tell me in the comments! 



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