Is your prosperity muscle buffed?

You know you gotta use your wealth muscle to make it grow. Hey, the best of us can get trapped in the reality of not enough money or working too hard and getting nowhere fast syndrome.  Ouch!  Painful.

Don't fret if you've been looking for a way to beef up your implementation of attraction principles. Eva and I have been doing it for 20 years and have been teaching this stuff for 10 and we still can get triggered by the reality we see in front of us. 

They key is... how fast can you recover? If you need some help in this department, join us this Thursday, Nov. 12th at 4pm PT/7pm ET for our action packed and ever inspiring NO COST teleclass...

The Prosperity Challenge on Steroids

What does steroids have to do with it?  Well, we've added Eva's channeled guides to the mix to AMP this class up higher than it's ever been before! 

Are you in?

Go here to play!

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