This article is probably one of the most important I’ll ever share. It’s the basis for all my success… and yours.

Everyone’s got one. Some people have two or three. No matter how many you have or the area of your life where it resides, it’s frustrating. It’s the plateau or even a roadblock to get started on something that’s very important to you.

The big topics are usually money and health. Relationships can also get very stuck in a rut of the same ole issues, but most people try to shove that one under the rug until it explodes.

Now is the perfect time to bust through that hump! The truth is that all plateaus, obstacles, and frustrations can disappear once a decision is made.

The decision to heal or deal with it can be made before you even figure out how you’re going to solve the issue. Once the decision is made, energy will start flowing again. This energy will guide you to the perfect way to get past this stuck point.

This process is similar to sitting on your foot for a long period of time and it falling asleep. Once you get off it and wiggle it around a bit, the blood gets flowing, and it feels good again.

So how about doing it right now? What’s the thing that’s been driving you nuts that you just want to shift and move on?

My income used to drive me nuts. For years it hovered at the same amount no matter what I did.

I’d previously doubled and tripled my income a couple of times in one year, so I knew it was possible to bust through to a new income level. Knowing it was possible, and knowing attraction principles so well, made it even more frustrating for me!

I tried to justify to myself that I work about half the hours I used to before I had my sons. While it is very cool that my income didn’t go down by working part time, I still wanted to hit my targeted income. Finally, I made a decision. I was going to take full responsibility for shifting in a way so I could increase my income.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it in that moment. I was just tired of whining about it in my head. I was tired of my excuses. I bought a new house knowing this would give me more incentive to make the decision to increase my income.

Then my solutions starting rolling in. I hired a mentor, and the first thing she told me was to streamline my offerings. She helped me hone in on what I love most, which is business coaching. Then the plan rolled out right before my eyes. The plan had the potential of quadrupling my income that coming year.

That decision many years ago was the beginning of earning multiple 6 figures a year. Then it moved to half a million. And each year I’d add another 6 figures. I kept making decisions each time I ran into another plateau. And believe me, it took a strong will to not let myself panic when I hit a road bump. But the bumps in the road became smaller.

And my recovery time has become much shorter. Now it’s weeks instead of years!

I share all of this because you may feel like you can’t make a decision about busting up your hump until you can figure out how.

The how will never come before the decision. Never.

THE HOW WILL COME AFTER YOU MAKE THE DECISION. You may already know what part of your HOW is, but you need to do it. You need to trust.

I knew in my bones that I needed to hire that expensive mentor a decade ago. It was scary. I didn’t have the income at the time.

I knew her fee would stretch my comfort zone. Buying the house stretched my comfort zone as well. But I knew it’s what would ultimately bring more joy and abundance.

Do you know something you need to say YES to in order to get you past the hump?

Maybe you need to say no to something once and for all. Whatever it is, make the decision and follow your inner guidance. Let your energy get freed up to manifest the goals that are most important to you this year. It’s time.

You know the saying, “Struggling is optional.” Choose another option.

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