It’s common to just make do with what you have.

You may be suffering slightly, but other people are worse off than you, right? Why should you complain? But you do… internally.

It feels annoying to not have the amount of income, success, or freedom you want. And it’s super stressful when you’re financially strapped. It often affects your health.

Speaking of health, we often get annoyed about carrying around extra weight or about our allergy symptoms during spring.

Maybe you have a bum back, knee, or shoulder.

What about your relationship with your family or clients? Are you tolerating something less than desirable there?

It’s easy to accept situations that are less than ideal but not yet really painful.

You may put up with them without realizing they’re even there. It’s like a broken drawer. You may not use the drawer much, but when you do it is so irritating. How about not only fixing it but having one of those self-closing devices put on there for smooth gliding? You don’t need that luxury, but when it’s there it is awesome!

Check in with your own life for a minute.

Do you absolutely expect the best-case scenario every time?

Are you preparing to have each of your goals delivered in an easy and relaxed manner… just the way you like it?

Is your health amazing?

Do you have enough money to pay your expenses, have an extreme amount of fun, invest in whatever you like, and have some left over?

Do all of your relationships fill you up?

How peaceful do you feel on a scale of 1–10?

What if on a scale of 1–10 (10 being over-the-top good) you rated all areas of your life a 20? What about 100?

Here’s the deal. Life can continue to get better no matter what your score. You’ll always find ways to create more joy and fulfillment, but you have to expect to receive more than enough!

Yes, I know some of you can’t imagine living from that perspective… of always having more than enough. Getting what you need… plus more.

You’d be happy just to have enough dough to pay the bills and go out to dinner once in a while. You’d be happy to just have a day all to yourself with nobody expecting anything of you. You’d be happy to just have a pain-free day.

It will be easier to get to those places if you start expecting things to go better than you can imagine. All the time.

In order to have more than enough, you have to start thinking and planning for more than enough.

The abundance of well-being may only trickle in at first. Then momentum will eventually take over and you will begin to have more than enough… more often than not.

It may take you a year of practicing this new way of thinking. I still catch myself planning for something that’s not ideal. But then I work my way up the ladder to the “more than enough” thinking.

Look at your intentions on a daily basis. Decide that you’ll have more than enough. Take action from this powerful place. You won’t be able to stop the abundance you’ll receive. Enjoy every morsel.

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