It’s common to just make do with what you have. You may be suffering, but other people are worse off than you, right?

You tell yourself you shouldn’t complain, but you still do. It feels annoying to not have the amount of income or investments you want.

It sucks to feel financially strapped or that you have to make choices to go without things you really want.

And what about your health? Maybe in general it’s fine, but you lug around extra weight or have bad allergies during spring.

Maybe you have a bum back, knee, or shoulder.

What about your relationships with your family or clients? Are you tolerating something less than desirable?

It’s easy to accept situations that are less than ideal but not yet really painful. You may put up with them without realizing they are even there.

It’s like a broken drawer. You may not use the drawer much, but when you do it is so irritating. How about not only fixing it but having one of those self-closing devices put on for smooth gliding? You don’t need that luxury, but when it’s there, it is awesome!

Seriously, check out your own life for a minute.

Do you absolutely expect the best-case scenario every time?

Are you preparing to have each of your goals delivered in an easy and relaxed manner… just the way you like it?

Do you expect a full recovery for your health… or have you just accepted that this is the way it’ll always be?

Do you expect to have more than enough money to pay your expenses, have an extreme amount of fun, invest in whatever you like, and have some leftover?

Do you expect your relationships to fill you up and that people will go above and beyond to give you joy and support?

Life can continue to get better, no matter the way it is or the way it has been for years.

You’ll always find ways to create more joy and fulfillment, but you have to expect to receive more than enough!

You may not be able to easily imagine living from that perspective. The perspective of always having more than enough. Getting what you need and want… and more.

You’d be happy just to have enough dough to pay the bills and go out to dinner once in a while. You’d be happy to just have a day all to yourself with nobody expecting anything of you. You’d be happy to just have a pain-free day.

BUT, I urge you to play a little game. Start expecting things to improve, even if you can only just imagine things improving by a smidge. Decide to be open to experiencing more than enough even if you don’t see how that could happen.

But you can’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. You have to play the long game. Then you won’t be looking at your watch thinking, “When is it going to improve?”

For now, just decide it is.

In order to have more than enough, you have to start thinking and planning for more than enough.
Abundance and well-being may only trickle in at first.

Then momentum will build, and soon you’ll experience bigger improvements. Appreciate every little shred of evidence of improvement without complaining that there is still so much further to go.

It may take you a year of practicing this new way of thinking. I still catch myself planning for something less than ideal. But then I notice that I’m expecting to suffer and flip the thinking about my best-case scenario ending… which gives me immediate relief just to be in the possibility of that outcome.

Here’s an example: Taxes are due. You check the balance in your bank account and wonder how you’ll pay for your quarterly taxes.

You plot out a less-than-ideal plan to pay them. And begin to feel the pressure to quickly make more money. Uh, that doesn’t feel good.

So you flip the thought to: I will generate new income. I will do this. I can have it my way. In fact, I’ll generate more new income in this coming month than I ever have before. Okay, that feels really good!

Then you ask yourself if there are feel-good ideas to get this thing in motion. Maybe you have some, maybe you don’t. But you feel the relief of having a happy outcome instead of something less than ideal.

Once you decide to make a habit of this game to expect more than enough… life will forever begin to bend in your favor.

This game creates your neurons to fire on a different frequency… and it changes your decisions, increases your ability to create solutions, and causes you to collide with happy outcomes.

Look at your intentions on a daily basis. Decide that you will have more than enough. Take action from this powerful place. You won’t be able to stop the abundance. Enjoy every morsel.


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