Have you ever thought that you wouldn’t get your desires met because of your mate, coworkers, or family?

S/he wants one thing; you want another. Your team is divided on what to do with some extra money in the budget. You even seem to have opposing desires. What to do?

Hold your vision. You all get to have the essence of what you want, although the end result may end up looking different than you may have thought.

Focusing on the essence of what you want is a concept that is not widely understood. It is essential to understanding attraction principles. If you’re clear about the essence of what you want, you’re focusing on the qualities.

For example, we once had a seminar participant who was frustrated with her husband. They were both steadfast about where they wanted to move. She loved ballet and wanted to be near New York City. He wanted to live in the country. It seemed as though one of them would have to give up what they wanted.

If they both relaxed into the knowing that they could both get the essence of what they wanted, they would easily manifest a win-win.

She got very clear that she wanted a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms. She thought about how the house would feel and look. She simply chilled out and thought about the qualities the house would have. She stopped trying to talk her husband into “her” city home.

When he brought up the country home, she didn’t resist.

What was their outcome? They both got what they wanted. They moved very close to NYC but their surroundings felt as if they were out in the country. They even had a very long driveway to their home, like country folk!

The key was for each of them to trust that they would be happy with their home. When you’re afraid that you’ll have to give up something that is important to you, the resistance begins. Resistance is caused by fear. Fear is a confidence killer. You immediately feel disempowered. This frame of mind makes it very hard to enjoy the journey to your desire. These emotions also cut you off from all of the wonderful possibilities.

This same line of thinking is useful when deciding how to spend your money, both personally and within your company budget.

Let’s say your child is about to decide which college they want to attend. Your mate wants a new car, and you want to increase the money you invest for your future and your child’s.

You look at your expected income for the coming months and don’t see how it is possible for all of you to get what you want. Go back to the essence of the desire. Connect to what the investments will give you.

Maybe it’s a feeling of security, sense of power, and freedom. Decide that you will have all of these things whether you get to increase the amount of money you put toward your investments or not. Have each member of your family do the same thing. Focus on the essence of the desire.

Once you’re all keeping your separate focuses clear of the other family members, you will have a “clean” vibration.

What I mean by that is, you won’t have fear wrapped around the whole pile of desires. When you hold each desire as a separate possibility, you will then have access to all of your creative solutions.

And yes, you all get to have it your way. No such thing as compromising what you want… for anyone.

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Brilliant article - and just what I needed to hear today! Thank you Jeanna:)