Happy International Hapiness Day!

The BIG news of TODAY is International Happiness Day! It's all happening TODAY Thursday, July 10! Join Eva Gregory & me at 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET when we host a FR^EE call with Happiness Expert, Lionel Ketchian. He's been truly happy for 18 years!

Choosing happiness is your birthright! The reason we want to be, do or have anything in our lives is because we think it will make us happy! So what if you chose to be happy now? The interesting thing about that is once you choose to be happy all the things you want will begin to flow to you!

Visit our International Happiness Day online store for Happiness T-shirts, mugs, bags and more here!  Also, check out our new web page with a video, mp3 audios and tools for choosing happiness! All kinds of fr*ee stuff to help you make International Happiness Day, July 10, the first day of the rest of your happy life! Go to https://www.InternationalHappinessDay.com

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