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Once upon a time, I thought the only way to work my way into heaven was to be kind at all times, always be giving, and to sin as little as possible. I’ve changed my perspective drastically over the years, and I find it oh so fun and thrilling.

First of all, I know that if I do what’s in my best interest, I’ll always do the right thing. It’s when I go against my own values or desires that my life gets messed up. And when my life feels bad, everyone who interacts with me is impacted. I see this to be true for others too… when they follow their own guidance and bliss, the world around them benefits.

So let’s talk about greed.

Definition of greed on the web:

excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves.

Oh, please! Can we ditch the old-school thinking that does not serve us at all?! I don’t need two servings of dessert, but if it’s good, I’m having more.

Is that greedy? No! I know what I enjoy. And who decides if I deserve it or not? Oh, I know some of you think that if you exercised and ate “good” all week, then you deserve it. BAH!

Retrain your brain that greed is not a bad word.

It only looks ugly when people want to fill themselves up and hurt others along the way, because they’re disconnected from their hearts.

I’m talking about…

… being connected, and allowing in every little and big desire you want from a place of empowerment and joy.

Everyone deserves to experience their desires. And the only way to do that is by acknowledging that you’re worthy of joy. You also must be connected to your inner guidance. You never have to pay your dues or be a responsible human being in order to deserve something.

I wish more people would be greedy. I coach my clients to be more selfish. Most of them are asking for “just enough” to squeak by in the love, money, and joy department.

In your work or business, it’s time to be honest about what you really want. If you don’t, you begin to harbor resentment and then sabotage yourself or your company. This all happens behind the scenes, as most of you are not aware that you’re consciously doing this. All you know is that life is beginning to not feel good.

I used to put my mate’s business needs before mine. I would end up getting irritated with him, and my own business suffered. When I changed my ways, I began feeling the empowerment of taking my own life into my hands. My profits and level of joy soared immediately.

Get greedy with your time, money, support you desire, and anything else that feels good. When you serve yourself up more of what you want, you achieve bliss… which is your purpose in life.

How do you feel about letting it be okay to have more than just the minimum in any area in your life?

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Judith Pegram
I feel very excited to be reading this! Reclaiming positivity over my life, my passionate job, my finances by reading emails like this is starting to make the abundance flow like never before! I'm loving all that I'm reading, and I can't keep up with everything, but it's feeding me truth where lies have harmed me! Thank you!!! Judith
Nargis Latif
Always thought greed was not right , but the way you’ve put it across , I like it as long as I don’t hurt people along the way