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I’m focused on preparing for a program launch in a month, so when I’m not serving clients, I feel that’s my only priority.

So I feel irritated when someone asks me to take my focus off of those two things. I feel like they’re bothering me… even when they’re trying to help me.

We all need someone to tell, nudge, and show us that we can be, have, and experience what we want. Not in the future, but now.

Sometimes I make up that I can only focus on one dream at a time.

The more supportive people you tell your dreams to, the better.

The more people you hire to help you before you’re ready to have the dream, the better.


Because it’s so easy to talk yourself out of taking those important next steps to your dreams. I do it. All. The. Time.

Luckily, people are in my face about moving forward. All. The. Time.

I invested in a branding strategist, Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, year before last. I committed before I had the money in the bank. I was nervous, but my soul KNEW I wanted to work with her. I wanted it bad. So I…

… took the step of saying yes to her.

The money showed up exactly when I promised her. Thank you, Universe!

A few months ago I asked her if her team knew how to build apps, since she had just built me an entirely new website. Have you seen it?! Oh my… it freaking turns me on!

I want this new app, but I’m not ready to build another app. This one is going to be MEGA. There’s a HUGE vision behind it. It’s specifically for entrepreneurs and it’s going to change the industry. I know this. My soul told me.

But, I swear I’m not ready. I’m too busy. I need to focus on money-making activities for right now. I’ve got a lot of good reasons to not move forward. Trust me, these aren’t excuses. (Ya, right!)

But Isabelle wouldn’t let it rest. She kept nudging me to take the next step with the app. So I did.

I made my wish list for what I want my app to do. I got a bit outrageous. It was insanely fun, even though my monkey mind told me I should be working on the webinar I’m doing next month.

It got me fired up again to JUST DO IT. Take the next step on this dream.

Just by creating the app wish list I got clear ideas about how to simplify the end product even though what it gives the users is robust.

One of our company values is to surprise and delight. Since I was six years old I’ve LOVED buying people presents. It makes me happy when people feel all warm inside and gooey happy.

I digress.

The point of all of this is to nudge YOU to lock onto your B-I-G dream… the one you know that’d be super badass to live into and experience.

And remind you that you have multiple dreams happening in the same time frame.

Slam and lock that back door where your fears try to bust through and give you all the reasons why now is not the time. Get yourself a person (or two or three or four) who will hold your hand through the process.

Your dreams are worthy, and they’re always easier than you think when you get your head and heart in the game together.

Game on!

(The photo above is all the notes from our branding VIP day at Isabelle’s retreat center. One of the best moves I ever made in my business… even though I was scared to invest, scared I wouldn’t get my answers, scared nothing would change, scared she wouldn’t understand my message… but I leapt anyway! Funny enough, her biz is called Leap Zone Strategies!)

What’s your big dream? Tell me below. Writing your desires down is the first manifestation of them. Locks them in your bones. The Universe can then get behind you and start manifesting the ideas, people, and resources to make it easy.

I’m going to be one of the people cheering you on. oxxox

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Jeanna Gabellini
Cool! Game on. One step at a time to bring that into reality. How easy can you stand it?!
My big dream is to work with selected clients helping them maximise their profits 10 times above their investment with me. For all of those who are close to me to be in one place on the planet together enjoying life.