Go BIG with Your Intentions

By Jeanna Gabellini, CPPC

One of my favorite things to conjure up each day is my "Wild Hair Intention™”.  It’s a funky name because it’s something you throw out to the Universe with no attachment.  You don’t need it and it won’t break your heart if it doesn’t show up.  It’s a wild and fun intention for the day.

The purpose is to begin to ask for things for the fun of it rather than because you need it.  It you had a magic wand in your hand, with no limits on what you could manifest, what would you ask for?  Imagine now that all of your immediate needs for security and good health were taken care of.  Would your requests get wilder if you had to come up with at least two hundred desires?   My intention is for you to lighten up about manifesting.  Get silly!

Here are some of my past Wild Hair Intentions:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if today…my mate sent me two dozen roses?!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if today…I won the California Lottery?!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if today…a briefcase full of money (not stolen) was left on my porch?!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if today…Oprah’s producers asked me to be an expert on her show?!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if today…if I surprised my mate with a new airplane?!

Even though you’re having fun with this, the Universe still considers it a direct order.  Have a blast placing your orders!

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