Speaking gigs are a great way to get clients, but they’re not my expertise… so I asked my friend Tiamo De Vettori to share some wisdom he’s gleaned from speaking on 250+ stages to create a multi six-figure speaking biz.

Speaking on other people’s stages is easily the fastest way to get high-paying coaching clients because…  

  1. When people see you on stage, you are an expert, a leader, and a mentor in their eyes.
  2. You are where they want to be... on stage! They look up to you and are eager to learn from you.
  3. You are in front of your perfect target audience! They are already a great fit for you, and they want what you have.
  4. This saves you an incredible amount of time and effort! You can get a FULL YEAR’S worth of coaching clients just from doing a one-hour speech!
  5. Connecting with audiences in person builds the greatest amount of trust, rapport, and bonding with them... which means you don’t have to “sell” them on your coaching because they already want it.

If you want to get booked to speak on stages, what you DON’T say is actually more important than what you do say.

Here are the top 3 things you shouldn’t say if you want to get booked to speak: 

  1. I speak about everything... from empowerment, to living your purpose, to growing your business. Plus, I’m a healer and energy worker too! I have a universal message that’s perfect for all audiences, especially yours!
  2. I’m so passionate about speaking, and I would love to speak on your stage! I know your audience would really love my work. I’m sure everyone says that to you, but my message is really different and inspiring!
  3. I’ve been interviewed on (list podcasts), I have a book I’m working on called (insert name of book), I’ve been recognized for (list accolades), and here is my extensive background (include a really long bio that will put them to sleep here).

Instead, just say a few simple words that create immediate intrigue and value. Start the conversation (rather than end it). It’s not about trying to impress them. It’s about...



Tiamo is a soul-driven healer at his core… and he knows how to translate that into a powerful speaking biz. He’s got a directory with 100 places you can speak and get paid. It’s free here.

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