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Have you listened to our new Radio Program yet?  It’s the Law of Attraction Show on Exceptional Wisdom Radio, and we’ve got the HOTTEST Law of Attraction experts and topics this summer!

This week our guest is Bob Doyle, creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, which is an online curriculum in the Law of Attraction. For the past 5 years Bob's primary goal has been to make the Law of Attraction principles understandable and accessible to people from all backgrounds and belief systems, with an emphasis on de-mystifying this often misunderstood subject. You might have also seen Bob featured as one of the teachers in the recent film, "The Secret", which also focuses on the Law of Attraction.

In this call Bob will talk with us about the Law of Attraction as it applies to Creative Self Expression.  And he’ll introduce his newest project, The Boundless Living Challenge, a no charge, innovative 45 day online event specifically designed to help people move through all of the stages of making their passions come true in just over a month. Thousands of people from around the world will be participating in the challenge.  This event is bound to get even the biggest couch potatoes off the sofa and into action this Summer!

Thursday, July 31
3:00 pm pacific / 6:00 pm eastern

Don’t miss this power packed hour at Exceptional Wisdom Radio

We'll see you at the Show!

PS: If you can’t tune in live, be sure to listen to the archived show or you can subscribe now via ITunes!

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