I’ve been called a control freak, multitasker, goofball, magnificent manifester, and just plain ole freak. I can relate to all of them. However, the one that used to really irritate me is when someone said I wasn’t a good delegator.

Why? Because I see how often it doesn’t even occur to me to ask for help. I’m used to figuring stuff out with my Inner Business Expert (aka Divine Guidance) or whoever is coaching me. After years of being single and a solo entrepreneur, I created a bad habit of handling everything myself.

I cured myself once I had kids. My time and energy was poured into feeding, bathing, cuddling, playing, and cleaning up after my boys. I realized quickly that the only way to stay sane was to expand my circle of support.

There is no way to generate a huge increase in revenue, and sustain it, if you’re not tapping into the expertise and support of other people.

Even if you have a GREAT team and you think you ask for help often, see how much more support you could receive!

Here are 11 questions to ask yourself to make your business/personal life rain with support…

1. Who could help me do this better, easier, and faster?

2. Who could help put a unique spin on my idea?

3. Who could challenge my beliefs/story on this topic?

4. Who could introduce me to more ideal clients?

5. Who could help me get the word out about my products, programs, and services?

6. Who does social media, marketing, websites, or systems really well?

7. Who could assist me in the office or house with the stuff I can’t get to?

8. Who is a great leader?

9. Who is awesome at brainstorming?

10. Who would support me in getting WAY outside of my box?

11. Who makes me feel good?

Challenge yourself to come up with at least 5 people for each question.

Next, ask yourself, “If I had full permission and knew I’d be seen in a positive light, what would I ask for specifically?”

Check-in with yourself to make sure you’re asking for what you really need and want. You’re asking for help so that you can dramatically increase the quality of your life… and receive abundance.

Imagine that being selfish was really about self-love or being self-full (which it is).

Now it’s time to ask! What’s the best way to ask, especially if you’re not in a position to pay for help?

Simple. From your heart. You don’t have to promise to do something in return. If you know you can be of service to them and you feel inspired to offer that service, by all means, do it. However, it’s not critical in this process.

When you have an idea, you’ll always have access to the resources, people, and money to actualize it. But you have to take the first step.

Asking for help is the easiest way to get from where you are to somewhere even better.

And if you get stuck on who and how to ask… ask your Inner Guidance for help. 😉

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