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Did you know that Eva and I are the US Ambassadors for International Happiness Day on July 10th?
Everyday we have a choice to choose happiness or a lower vibrating emotion. What if one million people from all over the planet celebrated happiness on the same day? What would be the impact in the world of such a strongly shared intention?

COME JOIN OUR GROUP ON FACEBOOK AND PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN US, TOO. If you don't have a profile on Facebook yet, it's easy (no cost)!  Once you've joined, go here and click on: JOIN GROUP just under our picture. Be sure to review the page, read the discussion boards, and enjoy the videos. 

Our next FREE call honoring Int’l Happiness day is on Wed., June 18 at 5pm PT/8pm ET with Buz McGuire, director of the Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative. He has studied positive living and self-development for over twenty-five years, and, over the past five years, he has dedicated himself to developing the thinking and material that is now the Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative.

To register for the free call go here

Here's to outrageous and contagious HAPPINESS!

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