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Lingering thoughts about revenue can evoke stress even in those who are financially sound. It’s natural to set targets for bigger revenue generation. But when you contemplate the possibility of not making the goal, all chaos breaks loose in your mind. It’s even worse when your bank account is showing you the reality of your worst financial nightmare.

The good news is that you can feel at peace in the midst of financial contrast.

In fact, that’s exactly what it will take to bring your revenue goal to fruition.

Problems with prosperity can always be linked back to a lack of peace. It all starts with a story you’ve made up in your mind that you won’t nail your intended outcome. You fear the consequences or feel like prosperity is out of your control.

Ta da! Your peace has successfully disappeared.

When I work with private coaching clients, the very first thing we do is focus on daily routines and structures that will give them a sense of peace. Peaceful people make sensible decisions, have access to perfect solutions, and can hear their Inner Business Expert’s guidance.

If you’re stressed out all you can hear is lies. Lies about how scary, unstable, and out of control things are. 

Doing rampages of appreciation, setting action plans for the day, doing yoga, and taking walks are things to do for increasing profits. I also journal a lot! I use my Speed Dial the Universe journal 4 to 5 days a week.

Anything that adds to your peace quotient adds dollars to your bottom line.

When you’ve come back to a solid state of mind, make a decision about what you want to feel about revenue. Not how much money you want, but how you want to feel in relationship to wealth. 

Once you and wealth are friends, then you can begin to design your strategy for a cash infusion. But, please, not before then. (If you need help with a cash infusion strategy, peep out my new program at 60% off through tomorrow here.)

If you simply focused on small practices that create more peace throughout your day, the rest of your world would change for the better… automatically.

Here are the main practices I’m using currently to create everyday peace…

  • Speed Dial the Universe journaling
  • Free-flow journaling to deepen connection to my Inner Guidance
  • Affirming that what I want to manifest is already created
  • Staying present to the task or conversation at hand
  • Walking or working out
  • 10 minutes of stretching or yoga
  • Organizing my house and throwing out things that don’t spark joy 😉
  • Hugging and kissing my man and kids
  • Playing with our black lab
  • Reading before bed

There’s no magic number of practices… even one practice can make a huge difference to the overall quality of your life. 

And if you forget to do your daily practice, don’t make a big hairy deal out of it. Just begin now and enjoy the process.

What’s your peace practice for this quarter?

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