Focus Frequently On Your Frequency

If you’re wondering how to ensure your business plan becomes a reality and your biggest goals are achieved this year, there is one strategy that blows all the others away.

Focus Frequently on Your Vibrational Frequency! (If you want a brain twister, look up what Wikipedia has to say about vibrational frequency.)

I’m the kind of person who thrives on taking bold action, but action means nothing when it is generated from lack or fear. In fact, those actions can do more harm than good.

How you feel about money and success is more important than what you do to create it. How you feel determines your vibrational frequency.

Imagine a conveyer belt coming straight toward you. It’s loaded up with piles of money, super duper smart people, and amazing opportunities that are guaranteed to give you everything you desire in your business.

The speed of the conveyor belt is determined by how you feel. If you’re fired up about your business and completely inspired when taking action, that belt is moving miracles right atcha. Everywhere you turn, you experience helpful people and awesome synchronicities.

If you’re procrastinating, doubting your success, and stressing out, that conveyor belt has all but stopped. Nothing good reveals itself to you. You seem to experience one setback after another.

Your emotional state determines how fast or slow you vibrate (manifest) abundance into your business.

So why do you place more importance on productivity, getting it “right,” and efforting than feeling good?

When it comes to success, paying more attention, more often, to your connection to your Inner Guidance will yield massive spirals when it comes to your income.

As Abraham-Hicks has preached for decades, “Nothing is more important than I feel good!”

Whip out your business plan for the year and write in the biggest font possible:
Paying attention to how my goals, practices, and actions feel is my secret weapon.

If it feels good, it goes on the Hell YES List. Everything else is placed on the Hell NO List.

Get that conveyor belt moving at full speed by Focusing Frequently on Your Vibrational Frequency! 



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