I’m one of those people who is either super happy, really at peace, having a blast, or highly stressed.

Whatever I do, I do it big. I’m not proud of it; it just is.

There was a period of time when I was really flipped out about money. I would spontaneously cry from the stress of not having any money and knowing I was going deeper into debt each day. It was on my mind off and on throughout the day and I didn’t see any end in sight.

Looking back on that time of my life, I see there is only one reason I got stuck in that rut: I didn’t think I could do anything about it. I felt completely powerless to the situation. Like someone else was in charge of pulling the lever that would drop the money in my bank, and that person was on a permanent vacation.

I didn’t have solutions jumping out at me saying, “Pick me, pick me! I’m going to solve your money issues.” So, I changed nothing about the way I viewed money. I didn’t even try to do anything different. My insides were a wreck because I was flipping out.

What’s funny is that when I finally turned my situation around, I still didn’t know the solution. I didn’t have a game plan.

However, I felt committed to finding it. That empowered me enough to have hope. That hope slowly led me back to my confidence. Soon, the solutions were popping everywhere. Nine months later I was out of debt and I’d doubled my income.

A happy ending after two years of craziness.

I’m not sure what we think we’ll accomplish from flipping out. It’s never solved anything… ever.

Think about children. When they have a tantrum, do you really feel like giving them what they want? Does yelling work to get them out of their fit? Can you pressure or guilt them into happiness in that moment?

The only thing that works with my boys is soothing. When one of them is having a hard time, I hold him. I tell him I love him. And slowly he comes around. It’s a much quicker process than becoming irritated at him, trying to talk “sense into him,” or any of the other things I’ve tried or watched other parents do.

Soothing is the key to manifesting money fast, too.

You have to open your heart to hear the truth. When someone tells you it’ll all work out, believe them. It’s true. Even if you don’t know your plan.

Even if you’ve been frustrated for years.

Make a decision that just for today, you won’t try to figure out HOW to solve your money issues.

Soothe, soothe, soothe. Be nice to yourself. All financial crises can be temporary. It just depends on how long you let your thoughts take you on a wild ride. If you’re future focused with fear, you’ll never stop flipping out.

We all have the right to choose any reaction we want when dealing with a tough situation. I suggest giving your highly charged emotions some way to vent out.

Try writing about them, exercising, yelling in your car with the windows rolled up, or whatever your preferred method is for blowing off steam. Then move forward, one step at a time, into a new frame of mind.

Here are some questions to ponder or journal on to prime your solution pump once you’re in a neutral state of mind…

Who can help me find a solution?

What thoughts do I need to replace to empower me?

What wisdom does my future self have to share?

If I wasn’t worried about money, how would I focus on today, and how would that feel?

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