Five Practices to Increase Profits Without Stress

Five Practices to Increase Profits without StressWhen your main focus is on increasing profits and expanding the reach of your marketing, it’s incredibly easy to be taken down a dozen rabbit holes each day. There are so many marketing, leadership, and small business experts giving abundant strategies to grow your business that it creates an obstacle course of to-dos for the average entrepreneur.

If you’ll think less of implementing the 101 profit ideas you have and give more time to the following five simple practices, you’ll find that you’ll have less stress and more profits without trying.

Your mind will want to divert you, but don’t give in. Profitable businesses use some version of the following practices and have results to prove their power.

1.  Always begin each brainstorming session, networking conversation, or task knowing exactly what you want to get out of it. Never just show up and plunge into the task at hand without sitting down and giving conscious thought to your ideal outcome for each segment of your day.

2.  Tap into your Inner Business Expert several times each day. Most people save their spiritual connection and intuition for after-work hours or when there is a crisis. When you decide to partner with your inner guidance, your business genius will be at full power. You can access out-of-the-box solutions, create new products and services, and feel at peace no matter how chaotic things might appear.

3.  Ask yourself, “How can I make this more fun, easier, and increase profitability?” It’s amazing what can happen when you ask yourself a powerful inquiry. It’s even better when you use this question to make an already good thing the best ever! Go through all the main areas of your business at least once a month and use this inquiry. And don’t forget to connect with your Inner Business Expert before you answer.

4.  Use the talent and expertise of others. You may be brilliant at several things, but there are other people who can put a different spin on what you’re already doing and help you to change your entire marketplace. When pondering your newest offering or tweaking a system, ask colleagues how they might improve what you’re doing. It’s best to use this practice before things go haywire. Join masterminds and get coached by people who’ve mastered their area of expertise. Yes, you’ll have to ask questions that expose your weaknesses, but you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

5.  Stretch yourself. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing only what you need to get by. Challenge yourself every week to go beyond what’s normal for you. If you never give services and products away, do it. If you give everything away, stop… charge more. Use new technology to simplify the way you market or deliver your goods and services. Hire a coach that will cause you to think HUGE. Hire someone to help you market, file, or do customer care… before you think you can afford it! Commit yourself fully to a project that scares the pants off you (because YOU CAN handle it!).
I believe in you!
Which of the five practices above will you use first and why?


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