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Have you ever wanted a cheat sheet for the steps to get you to a solution regarding any issue? Well, you’re going to want to print out today’s article because it’ll prompt you to get out of your way and nail solutions to short- and long-term solutions that upgrade your life.

If you’re in a very anxious emotional state about finding a particular solution, do something calming before going through the questions.

It’s very challenging to see any solution when you’re focused on the problem. It is also easier to access your intuition when you’re in a more relaxed state of mind.

I suggest writing down the question, then closing your eyes and feeling into it… letting the answer come. Next, write down your answer and expand if necessary.

It’s also powerful if you have a friend ask the questions aloud to you, then they write down your responses for you. This way you can stay in the “creative and connected” zone.

These do not have to be done in the order I’ve written below. Nor do you have to go through all of them. Use your own judgment.

You can use each question as a journaling prompt, too.

Cheat sheet for solutions…

What is the real issue here?

What if there were no issue at all, except for the way I’m perceiving the situation? How is the perception I hold causing the problem?

If I were to completely choose to let go of all fear, anger, guilt, and insecurity around this situation, what would I see?

What can I do immediately to feel more empowered?

What is the most desirable outcome I’d like regarding this issue?

What would it be like to not be so attached to this outcome?

How am I trying to control the situation?

What if I weren’t trying to prove myself right about the pieces of this that cause me stress?

What can I focus on in my mind, to give more energy toward what I do want?

If I knew I couldn’t fail, no matter what, what is one positive action step I would take?

Who can assist me with the solution?

What is an affirmation I can say anytime I get gripped by my negative emotions that will immediately bring me into a higher state of power and connection?

How is the impact I am making on others involved in this situation? Is it the impact that I want to make? If not, how do I want to be from this moment forward?

In the past, what did I do that worked in a similar situation?

What is something totally wacky, outrageous, or out-of-the-box I can do or say to create some momentum?

What do you know you need to say or do that you haven’t been willing to up to this point?

What is the truth about this? Ask someone else if they see the same truth.

What are you learning from this issue? How is this an opportunity to upgrade your life or business?

What would it be like to totally trust that you will get the essence of your desired outcome in the perfect timing?

What are you waiting for?

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Wow, What a breathtaking session. It unfolds the real cause of the problem and reveals the possibilities to solutions. Thanks Jeanna for this, it's like the key to success!
Christina Winsey
Love this! Thank you.
Celeste Bonnet
Jeanna this article feels like I just received 6 months of one-on-one coaching from you. 🤗 Thank you!