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What does extreme success mean to you? Seriously, think about it. What would you have to be experiencing in your life so you could say, “I have extreme success!”

For me, it’s consistently obtaining my goals, stretching into new territory, and feeling a sense of peace while in progress. It’s also about taking the actions I know serve my highest good. 

Here’s a super-quick process to hightail it to your version of extreme success…

On a scale of 1–10 (10 being the best of the best), how would you rate your success at this moment?

What are the five most important things that would need to happen in order to consider yourself an extreme success in your biz and life?

What is one small, inspired action you can take immediately that would make you feel more successful?

What habits are getting in the way of your extreme success?

What five daily habits would set you up for extreme success?

What do you need to delegate or stop doing all together?

Is your personal life in balance? What areas of your life do you need to give more attention?

Which areas do you need to give less attention?

Do you focus on being a success, or do you constantly think that you’re not doing enough? 

Do you truly feel worthy of success that comes without blood, sweat, and tears?

I find the simplest things, if done consistently, bring success. Personally, I have to exercise or take a walk every day. It gives me a clear mind, I focus on my intentions for the day, and it feels good to be outside. 

Every morning I set my intentions by writing down my focuses of the day. (I use my Speed Dial the Universe journal for maximum results.) 

Another practice that breeds success is before getting out of bed in the morning, I make sure my state of mind is positive. I ground myself by declaring, “All is well.” Simple habits like this set me up to win for the day. 

If you focus on success and take inspired actions that are aligned with success… success will be a natural by-product. 

Choose to be around people who are in love with life and actively choose their version of success to feed your soul and increase your success vibe. 

It’s also motivating to read about successful people. A few of my favorite books are Conversations with Millionaires, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and The One-Minute Millionaire. They talk about people going after their goals and achieving them in the most amazing ways. 

If those people can do it, so can you. You’re as smart, resourceful, and powerful as they are. Maybe even more so! 

So, what will you do today for extreme success and pleasure?

What will bring you immediate peace?

What were you born to do?

No more waiting. No more excuses. No more struggling and complaining. Decide that today you will move toward extreme success. Baby steps work just as well as big steps. 

What will assist you in this process? Have you made an inspired plan? What will make you stay engaged and in action with the plan?

Acknowledge yourself for where you’re at and all that you’ve accomplished up to this point. We’ve all had success at something. You can apply habits from areas of your life that are already working well to the areas of your life that you’d like to see improve. 

Most importantly… enjoy the ride.

How easy can you stand it?!

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